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Mar 4, 2014 08:35 PM

Breville One Touch Tea Maker

Does anyone have the Breville One Touch Tea Maker? Do you love it? Any regrets?

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  1. I don't. Here is my question to you. How hard is it to boil water and make tea in a teapot?

    1. I don't have it, as I already had the Zarafina when the Breville came out. They work similarly from what I can tell. You tell it what kind of tea you are making and how strong you want it. The Zarafina also lets you choose between bagged and loose tea, which I don't think the Breville does. It automatically chooses the correct temp for the tea and the brewing time. It automatically lowers and raises the basket, so no issue with over steeping. The Zarafina also automatically fills the pot when it's ready. The Breville keeps it warm in the carafe like a coffee pot, it also makes a lot more tea.

      I've thought about switching over to the Breville but I haven't yet. It is really nice to have the perfect cup of tea without having to deal with thermometers and timers.

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        Thanks for your reply Rasputina! Good, helpful information

      2. I have it and like it. Here's why:
        At last count there was a British teapot retired to the garage, a very small Chinese teapot in a kitchen cabinet somewhere and on display an elegant cast iron "tetsubin" from some ancient iron works in Japan, featuring a raised relief dragon. So why another?

        I always have a carafe of iced tea in the fridge, made in the carafe with boiling water poured over tea leaves in a fitted basket. I sometimes drink it over lunch and often with dinner. But I seldom make hot tea.

        Sueatmo's post below makes the point on how easy it is to boil water--but there's more to it.. I find it's a hassle and too hard to get the tea-to-water ratio right, not to mention the temperature of the water. It always tastes too tannic. The tea industry has settled on the optimum temperatures for each type of tea leaf and how long each should be steeped. There's a lot of folklore too, mostly consistent with industry standards. Assuming that there is something substantive to all of this "how to make a proper pot of tea," a machine that makes it precisely 'by the numbers' should produce a superior product.

        The Breville is an Australian designed tea maker, made for them in China. It is high tech and very well made. It has settings for the type of tea leaf--matched to the proper water temp for each, settings for desired strength, an auto timer and other options. These settings heat the water and control a tea basket inside the pot that rides up and down a magnetic shaft in and out of the hot water to steep.

        I keep in stock white, green, black and oolong teas. This tea maker makes better tea of them than I can, and it does so quietly, quickly, precisely and consistently. I'm impressed. And it's fun to watch, too. What's not to like? Price, maybe.

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          Geezer Gourmet! Thank you! You have confirmed what I have been thinking. Like so many of our kitchen "must haves"- this tea maker is in fact performing a task most of us (hopefully) can obviously do on our own but the way in which it does it produces a superior explained it does something you can do, only it does it better.

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            Oh boy. I was all set to 'like' Suetmo's post and I read this. Now I'm convinced I need a tea maker! You're quite a sales person, geezer.