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Mar 4, 2014 08:34 PM

Brie cheese ideas

I have a wedge of culinary circle brie cheese and I am looking for appetizer ideas. My fiancé and I tried brie for the first time over valentine's day and loved it. We bought a wedge from a specialty store, spread it on wafer crackers with fruit pate and strawberries. We are am excited to try other combinations. So-

What is your favorite way to eat brie?
Ideas for brie appetizer with the wedge I have

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  1. warm melty brie with roasted garlic on good bread is my fav. Or wrapped with filo or pasty and baked with all sorts of toppings inside is great. Mushroom and onion. Sundried tomato...

    Fruit pate sounds interesting.

    1. I've been melting Brie on sliced pears .You can Bie wheels or wedges in phillo or crescent roll dough,serve with a berry/wine sauce (that's maybe not too sweet).

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        I was really tempted try one of these recipes but we ended up doing the fruit again (which don't get me wrong is awesome). I do have some of the fruit pate leftover which has strawberry and fig. Maybe I can use it next time with dough.

        That brings another question to mind- does anyone know what the difference is between fruit pâté and jam/jelly? Other than the figs in the stuff I bought it seems like jam somewhat over priced :). Please forgive my ignorance if there really is a difference!

      2. Add a dollop of some warmed honey - so good.

        1. Try this recipe:

          I prefer using apricot or green tomato jam.