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something different in a chicago neighborhood - byob?

Looking to celebrate with a few girlfriends in Chicago. Want to try some delicious food but try to steer clear of river north/west loop/old town areas. Would love to try someplace in a neighborhood. a gem! anyone have any suggestions? Up for whatever!

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  1. Many gems in the hoods. Can you give us an idea of budget, likes or dislikes?

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      I would say a moderate budget - not looking to break the bank, but definitely ready to enjoy a delicious meal. Having to consider other folks who'll be dining I would say $$ - $$$ish.

      Open to all types of cuisines - love spicy foods. Looking for a restaurant that has something for everyone - vegetarians and omnivores alike. Pretty open to everything...

    2. My favorite BYOB's in a neighborhood that would be worthy of a celebration but not too expensive would be HB (Home Bistro) Restaurant and Mixteco Grill (both in Lakeview). Home Bistro features upscale American comfort and Mixteco Grill is Mexican cuisine.


      Depending on your flexibility, there are also some nice venues with liquor licenses that offer no corkage BYOB on certain days of the week, for example Browntrout does so on Thursdays and also is a nice but not too expensive venue with a menu that should satisfy a range of palates:

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        Thanks for the suggestions! I love HB and go often for the delicious food and cozy ambiance. Have you been to Vincents? Will definitely look into Brown Trout and Mixteco Grill.

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          I have not been to Vincents; I live in walking distance of HB and have been there a few times and always had a nice dinner.

      2. You can try Andy's Thai Kitchen in Lakeview just below the Wellington Brown Line. It's BYOB and don't accept credit cards.

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          Thanks! I've been to ATK - enjoyed it.

        2. If your objective in seeking BYOB is to keep your overall expenditure down, you might also consider restaurants that offer high-quality food at moderate prices, even though they don't offer BYOB. Yes many of these have a full bar, and while wine there won't be as cheap as buying a bottle in a liquor store, your overall tab will still be moderate.

          Here are my two favorite restaurants for value, places I return to over and over again.

          Anteprima is in Andersonville and has outstanding Italian cuisine. Sundays through Thursdays, for $29 they offer a three-course prix fixe, including an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, or appetizer, half pasta, and entrée. There's a $5 upcharge for the whole fish or the steak, but otherwise, the entire menu is available. www.anteprimachicago.net

          Deleece is in Lakeview and has excellent contemporary-ish American food. On Mondays and Tuesdays they have a three-course prix fixe for $25. www.deleece.com

          Although these prix fixe deals are only available on weekdays, the prices at both places on weekends are also still quite reasonable, not all *that* much more than the prix fixe deals. You can view their regular menus, with prices, on their websites.

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            Anteprima is great! Used to live in that neighborhood and the prix fixe is a great option. Will check out Deeleece. Thanks for the suggestions!

          2. Tango Sur, a wonderful Argentine restaurant around Southport & Grace. It is BYOB.

            1. I recommend Bistro Dre on Lincoln Ave in Lincoln Park/Lakeview. French influenced cooking, young chef (Andre), and his father and mother also help out. Dishes are large enough to share and the prices very reasonable. And they take reservations!

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                Nice recommendation; I had a very enjoyable dinner here.

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                  looking forward to dinner at bistro dre next weekend! thanks for the suggestion!

                2. I would second both Mixteco and Anteprima.

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                    Looks like you made your decision, enjoy Bistro Dre. For future reference or for others checking out this thread, I'd add Ruxbin and Kai Zan to the list of celebration-worthy, mid-range (i.e. between cheap, casual and often ethnic gems and the high end tasting menus at Goosefoot, El Ideas, and Schwa) byob restaurants.

                    851 N Ashland Ave

                    Kai Zan
                    2557 W Chicago Ave

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                      What is the wait like at Ruxbin? It sounds great but I understand that they don't take reservations, correct?

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                        Ruxbin now takes reservations, through Seatme, accessible from the Ruxbin website, or presumably by phone, 312-624-8509.

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                        Good additions. One other at the high end I'd tack on is newcomer 42 Grams.


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                          We've correct the email address for Kai Zan in this post.