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Mar 4, 2014 07:22 PM

Food at Art Gallery of Hamilton

Has anyone had a cocktail reception catered by the in-house staff at the Hamilton Art Gallery? Reviews?

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  1. My sister had her wedding and reception there in the summer of 2011; I believe her experience with the staff was good, and she was pleased with the food & service. My memory of the food is that it was fairly good for a "banquet" style meal. I generally don't have high expectations for wedding dinners, and this meal exceeded my "low bar"!
    The venue is great, especially in the summer as there's outdoor & indoor spaces.
    If you want more details, I can put you in touch with my sister.
    Good luck with your decision-making!

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    1. re: hungryjoanne

      Thanks! I would like to know more. Specifically, we're interested to know if the cocktail menu they offer includes enough variety to keep guests full and happy. Thanks again for any info.

      1. re: Yinny

        We had a sit-down dinner, so I'm not sure if we'll be able to help with relevant info, but I'll pass this on to her. She's out of the country for another week or so, so if you don't hear anything right away, you're not being ignored!!

        1. re: Yinny

          hi yinny,
          as joanne said, because we had a sit-down dinner i'm not able to comment specifically on the amount or variety of food offered with the cocktail menu but i can definitely tell you that our overall experience at the AGH was fantastic. the food was great and the staff were helpful/creative/flexible. please let me know if i can answer more specific questions :)