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Mar 4, 2014 07:05 PM

where to find star funghi porcini bouillon cubes?

I got some of these from the Santa Cruz Fungus Fair, but can't find them except on Amazon UK. Are these sold in the US? Thanks!

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  1. A couple if years ago I got them at the Woodside Deli in Redwood City.

    1. I bought them at Far West Funghi in the Ferry Plaza quite a while ago. Don't know if they still carry them or not.

      1. I've been searching for months now, since my local store stopped carrying them. Thanks to Srr's tip below, I found where to get them! they came to about $5 per box when I ordered 10 boxes.
        (Also, whilst digging around I found a 15% off code for any order there, fwf247).

        Man, I am so happy to have these things again!