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Friends are here from Brooklyn

We want to take them out to dinner in the East Bay on Thursday, preferably Oakland or Berkeley. Suggestions?

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    1. Burmese; Burma Superstar or Rangoon Superstar.

      1. gather, pathos, great china

            1. A Cote, Hopscotch, Ramen Shop, Duende.

                1. Is noise an issue for tomorrow as well?

                  Comal, Ramen Shop, and Great China are no reservations and long waits.

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                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    The back room at Comal is pretty noisy.

                  2. Rivoli is a good option if you are in the Berkeley area.

                    1. Doppo, Piazzolo, Juhu Beach, Plum, Hawker Fare, Enquentro, A Cote, Hopscotch, Ramen Shop, Duende.

                      Brooklyn is so ACHINGLY trendy that unless these are previous-generation folks, I wouldn't take them to a place like Bocanova that's kind of glitzy.

                      If you're going to go asian, I'd go way downmarket (and tasty) like Pyung Chang.

                      1. Where'd you go yesterday?