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Mar 4, 2014 04:45 PM

Freekeh recipes and suggestions

Bought some freekeh at Costco and wondering what to do with it. So far have made a fabulous epicurious recipe with chicken, lentil, kale freekeh dish, and also a tabooli with freekeh instead of bulgar. Both very good but now what? Anyone else cook with if freekeh and are there any tips or tricks?

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  1. I noticed it at Costco. Didn't want to buy until I knew what to do with it:

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      Boil it up, drain and chill. Add any combination of vegetables, like you would a rice salad and add some dressing and chill. It is supposed to have some anti-inflammatory qualities for the digestive system. It can also be eaten hot in the morning like porridge. I would think it could be added to soups as well.

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        It actually kinda reminds me of steel cut oats - slightly nutty and the way I prepared it yielded a similar texture.

    2. I like this mujadara dish and just substitute freekah for the rice. So delicious and quick once everything is prepped.

      1. We love Freekeh. Here are two recipes that I've tried recently and were really delicious:

        First, a nice pilaf with ground lamb. Tastes somewhat similar to Kibbeh:

        These Kofte were also delicious and easy to make:

        1. I picked up a bag and after using felt like it was not much different from coarse bulgar wheat which is way less expensive

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            Hi scuba
            I think the freekeh has a fresher taste than bulgar, buy the main advantage of freekeh is lower gluten and higher protein than regular bulgar.

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              Thanks, I'll have to try them side by side. Gluten has never be an issue for me but understand if there are issues

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              it's got high protein + high fiber, so it's great for a low carb diet that diabetics need.

            3. Thanks for the suggestions. The kofte look amazing so will definitely give them a try, and the mujadara also looks tasty for a quick weeknight meal.
              Anyone else?