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Mar 4, 2014 04:17 PM

How did everyone celebrate National Pancake Day?

I'm curious to know if/how anyone celebrated National Pancake Day. IHOP has a free short stack available until 10pm. As for myself, I kind of lost interest in this sort of stuff ever since National Pastrami Day. Besides, in my world, every day in Pancake Day. Plus it hard to concentrate on pancakes when I am distracted by PIE.

Still, how did everyone celebrate National Pancake Day?

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  1. Ate an Italian hoagie

    1. Ate a handmade carne assada burrito at el mejor market on east Whittier blvd after buying $74 worth of groceries incredible bargains -3 leeks for $1.30 - 4 bunches of radishes $1 plus great marinated chicken pork stew and big fresh and cooked shrimp French bread and bollitos.

      1. my daughter celebrated the day for you and for me both.
        she went to ihop and had some of their so-called "food" including pancakes.

        1. Made pancakes. Ate them. Delicious.

          1. I'm going to celebrate one day late as tomorrow I'll probably head over to Earthen and get scallion pancakes paired with the house special chicken.