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May 26, 2002 10:44 AM

Food writer on a weekend

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Going to Montreal on weekend to cover restaurants and shopping. What fun! Last year stayed at Bonaparte (place was great, resto terrible); ate at L'Express (attiude with bad food), and adored Atwater Market (discovered great local chevre). Now looking for 4 great places to explore for dining. My list includes: La Louisianne, Toque, Chez l'Epicier. Bistro Java U, Messhall, Daou. What do you locals think? Additions? How do I get to St. Viateur for bagels?

Shopping: any new Montreal designers/shops? Great stores to discover different from NYC.

Grateful for all your suggestion. I'll sway for my favs in NYC.

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  1. For menswear I would visit Denommé Vincent on Crescent Street and Dubuc Mode de Vie on St-Denis.

    There is a St-Viateur further north, accessible by Parc Ave. But if you want to stay closer to downtown there is another one on the Plateau on Mont-Royal street.

    WRT the restaurants, I don`t think anyone can go wrong with Toqué and L'épicier (very nice location in Old montreal). Never heard about the other ones (except Lousiane)

    Two new hotels just opened. St-Paul and St-Sulpice. Both in old Mtl, they look amazing.

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      Thanks for the tip on the St. Sulpice. Looks great. I was also considering the Wyndham or the Sheraton Le Centre. Any opinions?

      Also any Belgian restaurant picks?

      Is Mezze on St. Laurent any good?


      1. re: Iron Frank

        The Belgian resto I know is on St. Denis one block above Sherbrooke called Witloof. Great mussels & fries, small terrasse for checking out people strolling St.Denis- great on a sunny day/evening.

        1. re: Julie

          FYI, Mezze has some nice dishes like the deep fried eggplant & zucchini and grilled shark, but it is LOUD with a young local crowd on the weekends so diner beware!

        2. re: Iron Frank

          Forget the Wyndham and the Sheraton. The former is in the middle of many offices towers and the latter is busy hosting different convention.

          For belgium restaurants, there is Le Petit Moulinsart on St-Paul in old montreal. Next to the St-Sulpice Hotel actually. Its a fun place at lunch time.

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          Stayed at the Hotel St. Paul in April. Really modern rooms with CD players and cushy robes. Dinner at Cube was good, but no one dish stands out in my memory. The staff were very accomodating, and seated us at the last minute without a reservation. There is a great little upstairs bar, however, that is open until 3 am, very trendy, with models, hangers-on and the like.

          1. re: nachodan

            See my full length comment about my experience on the main board.

          2. What a coincidence!! Here is my top five from March.

            1. Soups and Noodles-Great General Toa for a couple of bucks! Huge portions. On St Catherine.
            2. La Louisianne in NDG Great food and great atmosphere too. Cajun spicey!!
            3. The Messhall in Westmount. Great service and amazing food. All in all a great dining experience.
            4. Maiko Sushi on Bernard- fantastic sushi and really nice place for a bite.
            5. The Clairemont in Westmount. Great atmosphere and really stunning portions!!

            Soup and Noodles is really a cafe so give it a miss also the Clairemont is a local eatery and not really fine dining.

            Happy munching!!