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Mar 4, 2014 03:53 PM

Artis Coffee on Fourth. I have mixed feelings. [Berkeley]

I've been there twice now and gotten a flat white each time. (I think I should try their latte just for comparison.) I like the coffee, but the atmosphere seems a bit...rarefied? If you come in just wanting a straight-forward drip, it can be a little confusing and even intimidating. I can tell good coffee and bad coffee - it's all the in-betweens that I miss so I guess I'm not really the target taste-bud they're aiming at.

And I was certainly taken aback by the price of the 16oz juices. I suppose I can understand the pricing given the ingredients and quality, but it's not what I expected.

That said, I do think it's a nice addition to the area and if I'm in that area, I would go try more of their coffee drinks even if the finer points are lost to me.

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    1. given your misgivings (which i more than share) don't get what about it makes it "a nice addition to the area"--or why you'd "go try more"--say more?

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        I like that there's a business that may encourage more foot traffic in that section. Help expand and establish the strip further. I'm not sure how much of a draw a towel store is, for example (the business next door).

        And I did like the coffee it's just that I may be under appreciating its finer qualities. Well. A good remedy for that may simply be to drink more coffee.

      2. I had coffee there not long ago, and my doppio espresso was pretty good. The staff was friendly and helpful explaining their coffee and business. However, I have to say that overall it seemed a little precious.

        1. I have not had their coffee in a cup but for me this place is all about coffee beans roasted to order right in front of you.
          Choose your level of roasted-ness and the type of bean. They roast each batch in custom machinesthat look like big hot air popcorn poppers. The beans are so fresh they tell you to wait a day after roasting before grinding and brewing. Something about off gassing. The end result is some very fine coffee.