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Pete Wells's Top Ten NYC Ramen

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  1. Saw that. I'd love to try them all next time I'm in the city.

      1. hmmmm Kajitsu for ramen? I think I'd get other things there. No mention of Misoya, I'd have it in the top 5.

        1. Is there such a thing a rice ramen? I have a gluten issue.

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          1. We went to Ivan's ( in an upscale food mart on 11th avenue) when the NY times photographer was there. Had the mazzeman ?-sp and the shoyu ramen. Meh-I've had better and don't feel the need to return. Try Tabata on 9th and 39 th..

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              +1 Tabata. Esp. its cold tan tan men.

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                That's the first thing I thought while reading the list - what, no Tabata tan tan men?!! Worthless list. Meh

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                  Tabata consistently provides a good bowl of soup in a better overall experience for the everyday eater than anywhere else.

                  The soup is fine and can in fact be superior. It's not often that you have to wait in line at the 9th ave. location. The decor is funky and not stuffy -- you don't feel like you have to watch your manners in the way you might at, for example, the new west side Ippudo.

                  I like to sit at the bar at Tabata where I can see their big 200-qt stock pots bubbling with broth.

            2. Ivan Ramen was probably one of the most disappointing bowls of ramen I've yet to have.

              Mu Ramen, on the other hand, I'm really happy I got a chance to try several months back. Still dreaming of the broth they used in the Spicy Miso. Apparently, they got so many reservation requests after this article that they've closed any future dinners until their brick and mortar shop opens up in late summer.

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                I went to Gotham Market the day it opened to try Ivan. I took one look at the size of the bowls and the prices and walked right out.

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                  I enjoyed the donburi bowls considerably more than the ramen... which is kind of sad, considering the name of the shop.

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                  Mu Ramen's ramens were delicious, I really hope they change up the appetizers though. The bun for the pork belly bun really wasn't very good.

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                    The bun was pretty flimsy and broke apart pretty easily, agreed. Imo, the pork belly should have been braised longer, but I liked the short rib bun more.

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                      The bun was flimsy, wasn't springy and just wasn't very good.

                      Agreed re: braising the pork belly as well. All in all it was a weak appetizer, especially for the price.

                      I'm reluctant to criticize since the ramen is excellent and they seem like very nice people.

                3. Ok, I've been to Ivan about 6 times now and I still havent tried the ramen. Love the Smoked whitefish Donburi and both mazemens (garlic and eggplant) The whitefish especially is the best thing I ate at Gotham so far (I go weekly just about). The Ramen just seems clear, no frills when compared to the Tottos and Ippudos. And I presume its the same recipe that brought him success in Japan between his 2 shops.

                  1. Agree with sentiment that ivan's ramen was underwhelming (though i enjoyed the garlic mazemen more, i wish that the rye flavor of noodles could come through), and the smoked whitefish donburi was a highlight.

                    I agree with Wells on takashi though- that was some killer ramen, though i had a much more favorable impression of the fried intestines. They remained crunchy long into the slurping, and were a great way of adding textural contrast or just nibbling on their own.

                    1. Has anyone tried Ramen Ya on W 4th street?. It's Japanese owned, i haven't tried it yet