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Mar 4, 2014 03:53 PM

Pete Wells's Top Ten NYC Ramen

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  1. Saw that. I'd love to try them all next time I'm in the city.

      1. hmmmm Kajitsu for ramen? I think I'd get other things there. No mention of Misoya, I'd have it in the top 5.

        1. Is there such a thing a rice ramen? I have a gluten issue.

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          1. We went to Ivan's ( in an upscale food mart on 11th avenue) when the NY times photographer was there. Had the mazzeman ?-sp and the shoyu ramen. Meh-I've had better and don't feel the need to return. Try Tabata on 9th and 39 th..

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            1. re: pammi

              +1 Tabata. Esp. its cold tan tan men.

              1. re: kosmose7

                That's the first thing I thought while reading the list - what, no Tabata tan tan men?!! Worthless list. Meh

                1. re: west34

                  Tabata consistently provides a good bowl of soup in a better overall experience for the everyday eater than anywhere else.

                  The soup is fine and can in fact be superior. It's not often that you have to wait in line at the 9th ave. location. The decor is funky and not stuffy -- you don't feel like you have to watch your manners in the way you might at, for example, the new west side Ippudo.

                  I like to sit at the bar at Tabata where I can see their big 200-qt stock pots bubbling with broth.

                2. re: kosmose7

                  I live nearby Tabata and find it a very comfortable spot to grab a bowl of Ramen.

                  Typically, I order a bowl of Lava Men (or, the Tan Tan Men). When the bowl comes, I ask for some "hot chili flakes" on the side.