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Mar 4, 2014 03:02 PM

Birthday DInner; annisa vs. recette???

Which one do you suggest? And, why?

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  1. Got to say Annisa. Where else are you going to try foie gras soup dumplings?

    1. Annisa, fancier, more classy, in my opinion food is marginally better but the big difference is the room itself. At recette you will be dining shoulder to shoulder with the other customers, at Annisa you will have space and nobody will bother you during your dinner.

      That being said I'm a big fan of Recette starters...

      As a couple I wouldn't think twice and go to annisa, as a group of friends I'd choose recette.

      1. I love both, but for an occasion I would definitely say Annisa.

        1. Was just at Annisa on Sat night. Lovely room, great food (5 course tasting menu)... all around special night. (and it was a 3rd date... warned her that it was not the standard she should expect going forward)

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          1. re: dyrewolf

            5 course tasting menu at Annisa on a 3rd date...take it easy

            1. re: AubWah

              I had the rez before even meeting the girl.... was wondering who I'd take... and yes the bar has to be reset... we are having dinner at some local dive this Saturday

              1. re: dyrewolf

                who were you planning to take when you made the rez?

                1. re: AubWah

                  Well, whoever was around and seemed a worthy companion... fortunately the eventual companion was/is worthy...

          2. as the others have said Annisa in a heartbeat over Recette...2nd choice, given that situation, would be Piora IMO...