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Mar 4, 2014 12:54 PM

Planning 4th Trip... First time during FQ Festival. HELP, PLEASE!

Hello friends,
I will be traveling to New Orleans with my husband and another couple in April -- From 4/10 (Thurs) through 4/13 (Sun). My husband and I have been to New Orleans several times before, while our friends have not. We want to make their trip memorable, so I'm hoping you could help me out with some recommendations. We want to keep our breakfasts and lunches loose, so I'm not making any definite plans. Dinner is a different story -- Here's what I'm thinking:

Thursday night -- Happy Hour @ Cure, Dinner @ Cochon.
Friday and Saturday night dinners are currently open -- Considering the following: Boucherie, Brigsten's, Sylvain.

Are there any other places that you would recommend we consider for Friday & Saturday night dinner? We are looking for restaurants with good food, but nothing too stuffy or formal.

I have eaten at the following places -- August, Coquette, Herbsaint, Jacques Imos, Clancys, Commanders Palace, Cochon, MILA, Three Muses, Mr. B's. Pretty sure I am forgetting some of the other places we've visited. We are not picky eaters, so I'm open to just about anything. Not really interested in Italian food though. Local cuisine is a plus!

Also interested in good cocktail spots as well as live music venues or post-dinner entertainment.

Would love to hear from you with some ideas for our trip. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


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  1. For your Saturday night dinner, I would suggest reservations at Galvez. It is on the Mississippi River in the FQ and will give you a spectacular view of the fireworks display that will go on that night. Request a window table. We did this last year, I think the display starts at 9, so an 8 PM reservation would work. Suggest you make the reservations NOW.