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Mar 4, 2014 12:47 PM

Going to Txikito for dinner, any must have dishes and recs for drinks near by?

Going to Txikito for dinner, any must have dishes and recs for drinks near by?
For the drink near by there will be 6 of us, early 40s. Would like a place a little nicer than a pub but dont need all the mixology BS.

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  1. i agree with you on mixology bs.

    txikito's sister wine bar el quinto pino is a great place for a glass of wine while you wait. i havent been there since it became larger but have had enjoyable times there whenever i go.

    i havent been to txikito in 2-3 years at this point but the squid ribbons is a signature dish. they usually have a roast pork dish as a special...

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      +1 for quinto pino, get their fried chickpeas to go with your drinks

    2. The octopus, the fabada if they have it, the white asparagus, the trumpet mushroom...

      1. Pay attention to the daily specials and get the cochinillo (suckling pig). I also like the foie, arraultza, blood sausage filled bundles, croquettas, squid ribbons, octopus carpaccio, king oyster mushrooms. We were there just a few weeks ago.

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          +1 on the arraultza, morcilla and mushrooms. There was a brook trout special when we there a couple months ago - wrapped in Serrano and simply cooked. Really good.

        2. bathtub gin is at 19th+9th inside Stone St. Coffee, wicked close to txikito, but it is of the 'craft cocktail' BS.

          Tipsy Parsons is also near by just a block north of bathtub gin.

          you could also hustle over to 10th - both Red Cat and Trestle on Tenth have bars where you get 'drinks' nearby.

          1. Went for dinner on Sat. Had about 10 dishes. Most were not memorable. Like the mushroom grilled cheese and the chorizo hash. The suckling pig was very salty. I would not reccomend folks going here for a destination dinner but fine if your in the hood and looking for small plates.
            Went to the Tipler under Chelsea Market for drinks after which was excellent.

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              i didnt want to say it but i sort of lost interest in the place over the years. its a nice spot and great for the area but ive had much better food at casa mono or la vara...their brooklyn restaurant.

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                Why would you not want to say? That is what this board is for. I may have choosen a different place.