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May 23, 2002 01:43 PM

Area Restaurant

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Does anyone know anything about a restaurant called Area on Amherst Street? What about Mezze?

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  1. I haven`t been there yet but I have heard good things about it from a "connaisseur" friend. It`s a small new restaurant in the gay village (though visited by everybody). I would say the place looks good, it is trendy and reasonably priced. The menu enumerates every ingredient à la Toqué.

    Mezze is greek and on the very trendy St-Laurent boulevard. I am not a big fan of fish so I don`t go. My friends who went were unanimous, they all liked it.

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      Had the tasting memu at Area a few months ago -- dishes were very good to outstanding. I understand that the chef was formerly at Toque. Well worth a visit.