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Mar 4, 2014 12:18 PM

Sub $5.00 wines, 750ml

A couple of years ago I did a "sub $5.00 white wine "Shootout". I was looking for an inexpensive white that I could both cook with & drink. I only tasted 750ml bottles because I don't like to have an opened 1.5 ltr hanging around. I bought several bottles and this one, Conte Priola Pinot Grigio, won. The key to drinking this wine is don't serve it refrigerator cold. It tastes much better around 45-50 degrees. What's your favorite inexpensive wine for cooking and drinking?

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  1. Rex Goliath and most of the Australian chardonnays like yellowtail and lindemans fill the bill, reliable and often refreshing quaff

    1. My sub $5 favorite is BlockBox. I never thought I would be saying that, but it is not bad, lasts a long time in the bladder,and costs less than $4/750.

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          I generally buy the Cab. I'm not too familiar with the others.

      1. Used to be you could find quite interesting $5 cabs from Chile before they became popular. Used to be some good $5 rieslings from california...

        .... I can't think of anything in the $5 range these days that's of any quality.

        If someone on the board knows of one, they are probably keeping it to themselves...

        I start to find drinkable wines at $10 and above, more at 15, more at 20, sort of exponential from 25-30 on...

        But $5 for a bottle of wine of any quality? .... You'd be alot better off looking for great microbrew beers at that price range... why drink a lousy wine when you can drink a superb beer?

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          I agree. I would rather have a good beer than a bad wine.

        2. Espiral Vinho Verde, at Trader Joe's for about $4.49. Tall (Riesling style) green bottle. Low alcohol, light, slightly effervescent. Terrific value.

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            That's the only under-$5 wine I've had in the last few years that I liked enough to drink.

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              We like that quite well also and try to keep it on hand.

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                That's the only regular wine I buy at TJ's. Good for parties and spicy food.

              2. Locally I can get quite decent Portuguese and Spanish wines at $4 to $7. These are dry, European profile, balanced, but not the stuff memories are made of. Various labels. They accompany food and do that very well.

                We might have something a bit fancier on the weekends.