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Mar 4, 2014 11:21 AM

Take-out from the North?

This week I am in Everett and thought to take the chance to get some take-out dinner from that region or otherwise north of the ship canal, which regions I rarely make it to lately. Any suggestions for noteworthy eats? Based on recent discussions, I have been considering Biang!, Manoushe Express, Todamgol and Barney's Pastrami, but would welcome alternates.


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  1. Rainin Ribs is at 15030 Bothell Way NE. Mike's Double Meat (brisket and spareribs) with hush puppies and Brunswick stew will put you in a coma.

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      I went with Rainin Ribs. Excellent sides, especially the Brunswick stew and fried okra. By the time I got home, the ribs were somewhat dry, but still a, nice salty smoke flavor.

    2. Heaven Sent fried chicken in Everett. It's where Ezell went after Ezell's, I believe, and I have found it to be even better. The sides AND the chicken are both great.

      1. Bobby's Hawai'ian is good, and there's a Central American place a couple doors down I like...