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Mar 4, 2014 11:14 AM

Hawaiian pizza in Hawaii/kauai

On the mainland there are pizza places that offer a ham and pineapple pizza and will call it a "Hawaiian pizza". I very rarely see it on menus in Hawaii, is this only a mainland thing? If this type of pizza really is Hawaiian, I would like to try a good version while I am in Hawaii. Any recommendations for Hawaiian pizza in Kauai? Thanks!

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  1. Try Pizza hut if you're so inclined to have this…….I personally wouldn't be but I have to imagine they or Papa John's makes this.

    1. You can probably get it at Brick Oven Pizza.

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        Brick Oven Pizza has smoked ham and pineapple on the menu.

        1. re: roro808

          Brick Oven. We now have one in Kaneohe I've yet to try it. The owner's of the Boston's in Kaneohe have really stepped up the quality, atmosphere and service. We had the most amazing pizza from there a week ago. They have some new great offerings as well. Don't know if they have this pineapple/ham concoction.

        1. It's was apparently invented in Canada. Not Hawaii.

          If you want something similar in Hawaii, look for kalua pork and pineapple pizza. But not ham.

          1. Pineapple is Hawaiian, pork is popular here... on pizza, notsomuch. I would just scarf up fresh pineapple and delish kalua pork separately.