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Mar 4, 2014 10:24 AM

Beacon Bar next to Beacon Theatre??

Have decided upon the Refinery rooftop bar, after tons of suggestions, this one seems to work well. Fingers crossed!! Also someone mentioned Beacon Bar next to the Beacon Theatre for a drink prior to show. I cannot find it online..Am I missing something? Any help would be great! Thank you.

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    1. Thank you ...Any other suggestions right near beacon for a quick drink prior to show?

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      1. re: lab302

        Bin 71, Salumeria Rosi, & Manhattan Cricket Club.

      2. Definitely looking into those..I thought Salumeria was just a restaurant, not really a place just to have a drink..So that is great.

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        1. re: lab302

          They have a tiny bar, some people sit there to eat dinner. Not sure I would recommend going there for just a drink.

        2. Going to look into Manhattan Cricket Club and Bin71..We will have time for a quick drink just before the show at the time we get up that way, so was hoping it was a good one with great fun or different ambiance.

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            I love bin 71, but its small since they don't have outdoor seating right now. If you go and its packed up the block the dakota bar is usually my plan B. (Larger space and drinks are fine but not destination worthy)

          2. Cafe Tallulah on Columbus and 71st.