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Mar 4, 2014 10:05 AM

Fun Dinner for Eight

Looking for a fun but not pricey place to celebrate a family birthday in Philly/S. Philly/Northern Lib. Place must take reservations.

I was thinking of a newish gastro pub or some ethnic place since variety is key and among us is one vegetarian and two others who are fairly health conscious. The rest of us agree that fat equals flavor, lol.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. What is your price point? Entrees under $ 20? Is BYO ok?

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    1. re: cwdonald

      Yes to both although a good beer selection or umbrella cocktails do have their place. And sharing dishes is good. (We've all been to Zahav, Amada, Tinto and Bar Ferdinand though.)

    2. How about South Philly Tap Room? Good food, good beer, fun spot!

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        I don't believe they take reservations, but they might for a group of 8, it's worth calling to find out. SPTR is my favorite gastropub in the city. Khyber and Brauhaus are great too. I believe Brauhaus *does* take reservations for larger groups.

      2. In the gastropub realm, in additoin to SPTR which is a great suggestion, Alla Spina for italian inspired gastropub, Brauhaus Schmidtz for german, Danelion for english, and khyber pass for Cajun.

        Of all of those, I think that Khyber has the best options for a vegetarian but also some good flavorful food. Catahoula might be another option for Cajun food though they have fewer veggie friendly options.

          1. I have enjoyed El Camino Real in the Piazza, No Libs section of Philadelphia. This is a casual, inexpensive restaurant, but high on the fun meter and since it's in hipster central there are tons of vegetarian options even veggie "wings." Lots of gluttonous options to boot, but they do real tacos. :)


            One call out here is that we're talking about a crowd ranging from 20 to 40 somethings.