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Mar 4, 2014 09:26 AM

Houston, Where do you take visitors?

I found this article interesting and agree with many. I will never agree on La Mexicana though I only went there once, but that was enough.

I guess I don't get to many out of town visitors unless mom drives over from Sugar Land. But if I did, I'd probably take them to Little Pappasitos, London Sizzler, Churrasco's, Fung's Kitchen - those places with fun and local ambiance and consistently good food.

Where do you go with visitors to show off Houston's food scene?

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  1. Most recently, Karancho's, Vieng Thai, and Goode Company Seafood. And I like taking people to Hugo's.

    1. It really depends on what they want.

      Everyone is always impressed by Taste of Texas, not just the food, but the decor also.

      If they want Seafood, Danton's is my choice.

      Another is Churrasco's/America's.

      Used to drive out to County Line but no mas for that.

      We have recently taken people to Costa Brava, which is one of our faves.

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      1. re: rondl

        Oh, yes, especially people from other countries like TOT. The past 2 steaks I've had there were underwhelming, though it is usually good enough. They really play it up with foreigners, passing out cowboy hats and taking pictures. Marketing geniuses there.

        Googled Karancho's, is it the uber casual spot in Channelview? Don't know of it.

        1. re: Lambowner

          Arashall, the last time my brother was in town we went to Goode Company Seafood. He grew up here and this is the exact Texas Gulf Coast seafood you can't get anywhere else. He was very pleased. Lambowner, do go to Karancho's this spring, it gets hot there during the summer, all outdoor seating, but much of it covered with fans.

          Monument Inn is a great place for out of towners.

          1. re: James Cristinian

            Oops! I mis-read. "uber casual", not cool. I don't think it's uber anything.

          2. re: Lambowner

            I don't know about uber cool (or any kind of cool), but they make great tacos and grilled chicken, and beans "preparado". Everything is done over a charcoal grill. Big bags of charcoal everywhere.

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          1. I don't know the name, but it's down near Rice Univ. My son took me there several times.a Tapas Bar in an area of trendy stores and eateries. His wife is a vegetarian and they had lots of entrees.

            The only thing is the noise level..they need some carpeting or heavy curtains from the ceiling to cut down on the noise

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              1. re: delancey

                I did a quick scan of the menu and it looks like the place!Thanks so much!