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Mar 4, 2014 08:57 AM


Planning a trip to Ischia and Ventotene this Spring. I have seen a couple mentions of Ischia here but looking for info on Ventotene. Any information on shops, restaurants, specialties. Also, any suggestions of things I may want to bring with me to the island for a couple day stay since I have heard many things are quite expensive and there are no fresh water naturally, etc.

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  1. Ventotene doesn't have much shopping but it does have veg gardens and a couple of grocery stores. There are also plenty of bars and pizzerias (specialty is la tiella di Gaeta). There are place near the port and others up in the town. We go there every summer for a few days. There is not much to do unless you are in the water. We are usually sleeping, eating, or swimming, so it's fine. The best restaurant is Il Giardino. If you go, tell Anna that Franco and Maureen sent you.

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      Thank you so much for your reply. That is just the information I am looking for. My plan is to swim as much as possible and take it slow so I am trying to pick the right spot on the island that I can be close to good swimming but also have access to a good restaurant or two. Il Giardino is on my list for sure!

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        Depending on what you mean by spring, I would expect the water to be chilly for swimming. We always swim at Cala Nave. I forgot to mention that a local specialty is lentil soup, made with local lentils.