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Mar 4, 2014 08:21 AM

microplane, i need a good one. please advise.

i'm tired of microplanes that don't do the job. What kind do you recommend?

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  1. Can you share some more information on what model you're using, what you're trying to use it for, and in which way it's not doing its job?

    Microplane is a brand name; are you actually buying that brand or have you purchased a knockoff? I own four or five different Microplane models (one or two very fine, one coarser, one optimized for citrus, a handheld one) and they all do an excellent job as far as I'm concerned...

    1. I know many models of various gauges, and with handles, have been introduced since the first Microplane hit the shelves. However, I still rely on the granddaddy of them all, the Microplane 40001 Stainless Steel Zester.

      I use it to shower pasta with clouds of fluffy cheese, grate fresh nutmeg over my oatmeal, and produce small mounds of citrus zest. Not sure which one(s) you're using or what's not working for you, but this one is all I need, and it's never let me down.

      1. I recommend this one. I linked the "fine" but it also comes in medium, coarse, and extra coarse.

        1. Give a look to the ones made by Jaccard.

          1. thank you very much. I used the term microplane to mean generic grater, zester. I will order from Amazon. Thanks again.

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              Microplane is a tool originally used by woodworkers. I stole my first one from my husband's workbench many years ago. I buy them at hardware stores (VS kitchen emporiums) since they are much less expensive.

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                Yes, stick with the Microplane brand, they all work well at their designated task. They are USA made and the quality of the materials are first rate.