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Mar 4, 2014 07:56 AM

Bite Me Grill opening at Pape & Danforth?

Anyone know what the deal is? A new place is opening up at 730 Danforth (next to Rogers) that for a while had a sign up saying it was going to be a new chain called Crack Me Up. I was disappointed to have a bad breakfast franchise come into the area, but then the sign disappeared and now now appears instead to be a place called "Bite Me Grill" ...also doing all-day breakfast. I was slightly more hopeful when I saw the new name (anything would be better than Crack Me Up), but a recent ad for waiters has the slogan "franchises with a bite"... so that has me worried. Is this the Crack Me Up chain under a different name, or a new thing? Wish we could get some great breakfast in this area...but I'm not convinced this will be it.

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  1. I wonder if this an attempt to copy The Elbow Room in Vancouver where the staff "insult" you.

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    1. Thanks for the heads up earthmom. I fear the reference to "franchise" does not bode well. I agree a new good breakfast place is needed. something between the "authenticness" of the Detroit Eatery at one end of the spectrum and the "trendiness" of Allen's at the other would be nice. maybe Bite Me will be ok. at least its not eggs r us :)

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          I didn't mean anything bad by trendy. Rather that it is well liked and serves a higher price market than a regular bacon and eggs place. I frequent Allens but not once a week.

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          Motorama is right up there in authenticity.

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            After seeing the menu, I'm pretty sure it is the Crack Me Up chain under a different name.... the menu is practically identical. Too bad.

          2. So as it turns out, Bite Me Grill is all day breakfast place. Probably open evenings too but I'm not sure of the times. I do know they open at 7 AM x 7.

            We went for a quick breakfast Saturday in between errands and gotta say, we loved it!!!!

            Great value with a well rounded out menu - omelets, pancakes, any kind of egg, benedict, salads, burgers, BLT, etc.

            It is a bit on the fast food side, but that's good for us most of the time while we do our weekend routine.

            The place has been designed well. Lots of high tops, clean, bright, airy, tv in the corner, great for kids but lots of space in between tables and not that crazy loud. Staff are friendly.

            I think this is the first location of a franchise to be rolled out.

            Our breakfast was perfect and we'll be going back often.

            Coffee could improve a little but hey, that's what a stop over at Starbucks is for.

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            1. re: millygirl

              Sorry but "lots of high tops" is a good thing? I remain baffled as to why any restaurant uses them. We went somewhere generic for lunch from work last week, every regular table occupied (we got the last one), every high top empty, people would come in, speak to the hostess, be told that only high tops were available and turn around and leave.

              1. re: bytepusher

                I actually had to go back and re-read what I had said because normally I'm not a fan of high tops either (esp at dinner) but in this case, it works well.

                The resto is on a corner lot, with large floor to ceiling windows and for some reason the high top tables work well, IMHO. The stools were very comfortable and although there were regular tables available, we actually chose to sit at a high top. I dunno, I just liked it.

                Keep in mind, it is more like a fast food place so you're probably not staying too too long. At least I wouldn't which may have alot to do with it.

            2. Can anyone comment as to whether this place has non red meat options such as turkey bacon? Or ample other menu options other than standard pork meat based breakfast? I can't find the menus referenced online, so a link would be fine too. I want to invite some friends who don't eat red meat for an easy family/group friendly meal.