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Mar 4, 2014 07:12 AM


Once you go raw, you never want to look back. Really. I visited a sweet little old-school farm amidst the subdivisions of Washingtonville, NY (about an hour from NYC) called Udderly Fresh Farm which, during an 'every-other-day, 2-hour late afternoon' milking/buying window, you will leave the bumpy farm road carrying away sterile glass half-gallons of freshly-spigoted-from-the-tank milky-white non-processed LIQUID GOLD !!! Folks, you will NEVER IMAGINE how MILK SHOULD BE! Now, what the hell am I paying $4.49 / gallon (full price) in the supermarket for? That's not milk. Highly recommended you make the trip for the experience - can't wait for the Springtime. Anyone ever procure there or experience the wholesomeness of REAL milk? Not to be missed. Disclaimer: Just be healthy, not pregnant, and be CLEAN and use STERILE GLASS - don't be stupid.

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  1. I get raw cow milk out here on the east end of Long Island, it is truly a revelation. You can actually taste what they are grazing on by season. They sterilize the bottles (using solar panels to be ecological) helps with the cooties; otherwise it couldn't be sold legally. Haven't heard any complaints yet.

    I did spend my summers growing up in dairy country in upstate Columbia county, so I knew a good thing the second I heard about the availability!

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      Is that Ty Llwyd farm, Coll? I've been tempted to buy some just to experience it, but 1) they've told me want you to reserve it (else there might not be any) and I never quite know when I'll be out there, until a day or two before, and 2) half-gallons only, no quarts; even a quart takes me two weeks to go through, if I push myself.

      1. re: Scott_R

        Yes, I can never spell it right and was too lazy at the time to look it up, sorry!

        I live nearby so I always just stop in, but only during the week, have been lucky so far. She always goes in the house first to check her standing orders though. It's worth a try just stopping by, especially this time of year. If they didn't have it I'd just stock up on eggs instead, those are just as wonderful!

        We don't drink much milk either, but it lasts as long as it has to in my experience so far. At least a week or more. If it starts getting too long, you could always freeze it, not optimal but better than throwing it away.

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          I'll be out there this weekend to pick up my farm share, which means I'll have plenty of eggs.

          My main thing is just curiosity. I suppose I can always make ice cream and gelato with the leftover. :)

          (The only place I know of with non-UHT cream is Fairway--anyone know of other sources?)

            1. re: MacTAC

              Oh when I was a kid the farmer next door used to do that with his cat; I was so young but I will never forget the amazement!

            2. re: Scott_R

              Scott R, Whole Foods has a great selection of dairy in glass bottles , most from Columbia County upstate. I can't give all the specifics, as I mainly look for non-homogenized. I prefer this brand, which I think is UHT, but they have others too.

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                I just wish they'd carry all their dairy in glass, including grass fed.

                1. re: coll

                  I haven't look there in a while, but last time I did everything they had was UHT--for some reason it's harder to find non-UHT cream than it is non-UHT milk. I find there's a very definite taste difference between UHT and regular pasteurized cream when making ice cream. So far, Fairway is the only place I've seen it, and they're sometimes out.

                  I'd once emailed the people at Goodale asking about this but never got a response, and the kid working the Goodale stand at the Babylon farmer's market didn't know (not even whether they had cream at all).

                  Maybe I'll call Fresh Market in Woodbury. I've come to like them: they're sort of an in-between to Trader Joe's and Fairway. Smaller than most markets, but I don't buy many packaged/processed foods, and the veggies I've picked up there have been superior to Fairway's,

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                Just a sidenote: I went out East that weekend (the 8th) for my farmshare and stopped by Ty Llwyd, but I couldn't find anyone. The back door of the farmhouse was open and I knocked (on the wood door at the end of the short corridor inside the back door), but no one answered and I couldn't find anyone 'round back. So... I don't know if they had milk available.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  They're closed Sundays, that much I know. Sorry! Maybe some kind of emergency. Or maybe they were at the Farmer's Market in town, it's the new rage around here.

                  Next time you could try Goodales on Main Rd, they're not around much either but they leave a money jar for customers, help yourself. Only thing is, it is pasteurized, but better than your usual.

                  1. re: coll

                    Yep, I've done Goodales a bunch of times... I was just curious about the raw milk taste difference (generally, I just use almond milk when I use milk at all).

                    That's the Riverhead market? I was also there that day, as was Goodales. I went to Ty Llwyd between 9:30 to 10 (Saturday), so they wouldn't have been visiting the market yet.

                    1. re: Scott_R

                      Maybe out back in the barn? I know they go out around 6:30 to start milking, not sure how long they are gone.

                      Most of the farmers do have cell phones, so you can track them down. But they are sort of old fashioned, their regular number is all I can find, maybe call them the day before? 631-722-4241