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May 7, 2002 02:03 PM

Suggestions in Magog

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Any recommendations for good chow in Magog this Friday night? We are from Vermont, we have friends coming from Florida, and they are pretty adventurous eaters.

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  1. Good food is pretty thin on the ground in Magog, but there are a number of places up near the park entrance (orford) and two fine and elegant restaurants and a nice patisserie over in North Hatley. Look on the Canada Board and I think you will find the orford references in a response a month or two ago re Bromont.

    Good luck! - its a very nice area.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      I was thinking about Manoir Hovey which looks special, but I figured we'd save that for a special occasion. (It's closer to home too...) I was just looking for something more than poutine but not expensive/dressy, you know? I'll check the Orford info on the Canada board...thanks!

      1. re: Steve

        Ive linked the post below that I was thinking of - I will look for the other info buried in this site somewhere. As Ive said maybe too many times on this site, I recommend Auberge Hatley, for lunch, which is substantially cheaper than their dinner but still wonderful and probably les dressy than dinnertime.


        1. re: jen kalb

          Thanks for the updates. With few exceptions, it looks like slim pickings in the townships. I guess Sherbrooke is not much better, eh?

          1. re: Steve

            IMO its not exactly slim pickings - the cuisine is french which is a pleasant change - Even in the grocery stores you can find nice bread, pates, pies, tourtiere, etc. I was not able to find the other info I was thinking of about places up near Orford, but there is a whole string of restaurants on the road going north out of Magog up toward Mt. Orford Park (as you cross the e-w superhighway there is a St Hugos or somesuch chain restaurant that someone on the Canada board was touting, if you want chicken or poutine. Some of the restaurants on that road look casually posh (there are alot of ski chalets and condos in that area), the 2 fancy joints in NHatley and the patisserie in the middle of town there which was started by a well known baker from Montreal, I believe. It sells light meals, very rich quiches, etc, in addition to sweets if it is still there), the inn in Ayer's Rock, if it is open at this season, etc.

            We went to a french cafe on that same north-south road to Orford just a couple blocks north of the main drag in Magog ( think it was next to a cultural center of some sort) but it was nothing to shout about. The other place we tried on the road to Orford had poutine and more ambitious offerings. My advice based on sad experience is that if a place serves poutine, stick with food on that level, dont try the more gussied up choices or you will be disappointed.

            If you dont disdain this source of info, there is a lot in the Quebec Tourism Estrie/Eastern Provinces guidebook that can be picked up at any tourism office, including the one you hit right after crossing over from Vermont. There are also local shoppers newspapers to pick up which can give you other hints.

            Sherbrooke is a bigger town, but I dont remember hearing about anything stellar up there to draw you farther on.

    2. Not an expert on the area but I've had a couple of very good dinners at Table Tourigny, a bring-your-own-wine (i.e. unlicensed) restaurant located in a house about 10 km south of Magog. The chef, François Tourigny, does a lot of catering, is said to be a mushroom expert (the restaurant logo features the fugus) and, weather permiting, forages in the woods behind the restaurant. If I recall correctly, the menu has only prix fixe dinners, one or two each at C$25, C$35 and C$45 or thereabouts. Cooking is modern French and accomplished, if not quite in the Aubèrge Hatley league. Service is friendly but you'd probably be wise to check whether the waitstaff speak English. Reservations are mandatory--don't leave home without them. (Note: I'm seldom in the Townships and haven't eaten at Table Tourigny in a year, so take the above with a grain of salt.)

      Table Tourigny
      Table gourmande et traiteur
      4288 Chemin Georgeville (highway 247)
      Canton de Stanstead, Quebec J0B 1T0
      telephone: (819) 868-2894
      fax: (819) 868-1980

      Wherever you end up eating, please report back!