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Mar 4, 2014 06:15 AM

Brasserie 73 - Skippack Village

A friend driving though Skippack Village mentioned a sign they thought associated with Brasserie 73 regarding a Wine Bar and Small Plates. This lovely venue has been a mystery for many years. My few visits have been in warm months(remember warm?) on the patio but even then it seem under patronized with uneven food and service from a relatively expensive menu. Has anyone heard anything about these changes?

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    1. I was there four years ago for an unmemorable experience, and WAY beyond my price point for what I was served. TripAdvisor ratings are predominantly "average" and to be ranked #15 of 24 restaurants in Skippack Village says a lot.

      1. There is a small sign posted off the front patio indicating
        "Wine Bar & Small Plates". It is surely going to take much more than that very small sign to get people to give it another shot after years of disappointments in all aspects of the restaurant. But it is quite nice decor in a relatively good location, good luck!