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Mar 4, 2014 04:38 AM

Concord NH food news

I don't get to downtown Concord's Main Street very often but made a big effort recently to visit The Crust and Crumb. I've bought their bread at farmers markets but I had my taste buds primed for Whoopie Pies. Late on Friday (they are open until 6pm) there were still whoopee pies in the case, 4 different flavors to choose from. My husband suggested we get one of each and split each in half so we could try them all. I loved the fillings which weren't quite as whipped creamy-like as those from Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland ME. My husband thought the chocolate cake parts were dry but I think they were denser than what we are used to (Steve's Whoopie Pies sold at convenience stores.). Classic Chocolate was yummy (website says it's a marshmallow buttercream filling) but Chocolate with orange flavored filling was even better. Strawberry lemonade was a lemon cake (tasted freshly grated peel!) with a strawberry filling. Very nice. But I think my favorite was oatmeal. Maybe I'll just have to try each of them again to be sure! Whoopie pie flavors change daily.

Crust and Crumb Bakery is owned by Alison Ladman. She is also a recipe tester for AP (Mathew Mead takes the photos) so I've started seeing her recipes in the newspaper. Last week's Concord Monitor Wednesday food section featured her variations on Jambalaya.

Last night the Concord Monitor announced a new food market will open next door to The Crust and Crumb. Wellington's Marketplace will open later in March and feature food we haven't been able to find around here. I thought choosing a Main Street location wasn't a good idea until I read that they will also offer sandwiches and soups and a few tables for the lunch crowd. The mention that they will have bahn mi sandwiches put them on my 'must visit' list even if parking might be a problem.

Furthermore, In a Pinch new owners (2 years now) are selling off their Still In a Pinch second location on Pillsbury St to concentrate on putting their stamp on the place. They'll keep the favorites but add some new ones.

I think I'm going to have to start running more errands in Concord!

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  1. Stoked for Wellington's Marketplace! The Gyro House recently opened on Main Street, and it's great. I had a lamb Gyro a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the components. She's using the real deal vertical meat rotisseries, rather than the frozen strips of meat like substance from the Sysco truck that everybody else in town seems to use.

    1. Crust and Crumb made a fantastic angel food cake for me not long ago. It was a special request for someone's birthday cake, and they were thrilled with how good the cake was.

      1. 5/21/2014
        Upscale meals in Concord NH still do not exist. Wellington's had an egg salad sandwich on the board today priced at $9.75 plus tax. Neither NYC nor Fisher Island, Fl. would sell one at this price point. Wellington's will not pass the one year threshold offering this hard to believe 'special'. I will pass this along.

        1. Wellington's is looking forward to having you stop by! We have a big wine tasting event on February 26th from 4:30 - 6:30. Always complimentary!

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            Thanks for the update to this thread. I don't get into downtown Concord a ton but look forward to stopping in. You have a nice FB page with great photos and regular updates. I do love cheese! :-)

            1. re: Dave B

              Excellent. You won't be disappointed!

          2. I am essentially pre-apologizing for this post because it's not really new info or "news" related to Concord; but I can't help mentioning the delicious beef chow foon I got for take-out at Sunshine Oriental today (Loudon Rd, next to McDonald's).

            This place has been mentioned a few times here... and I hadn't stopped by in a while. Like a year. For SOME unknown reason, I'd been craving beef chow foon and today was the day.

            I'm a sucker for the wide, rice noodles soaked in the sauce, with the tender beef and scallions and onions. Carb deprivation caused me to eat the whole thing in one sitting, when I really should have saved some for later.