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Mar 4, 2014 01:40 AM

Favourite Sandwiches?

What are your favourites in town?

A few of mine include:

The Gobbler at Muss and Turner
The Burger and the Crunchy Gentleman at Holeman and Finch
Bahn Mi at Lee's Bakery
Chicken Biscuit at ESS
Pastrami Sandwich (or Pastrami and Egg Sandwich at brunch) at The General Muir
Chicago Dog at Mike's
Shrimp Po Boy at Star Provisions
Caprese Panini (plus prosciutto) at Toscano & Sons

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    1. Here are a few favorites:
      - Quoc Huong - Banh Mi
      - Las Tortas Locas - Nortena
      - Villians - Montgomery Burns
      - Hankook Taqueria - Bulgogi taco & Daeji Gogi Sliders
      - The General Muir - Rueben or Pastrami and Chopper Liver Sandwich

      1. Cheesesteak at Mad Italian

        1. I like:
          Lamb, Tuscany, and Veggie sandwiches at Alon's
          most anything at Muss & Turners (salmon, bacon, lettuce & red pepper when I am attempting to be good)
          Chicken sandwich on lunch menu at Rumi's
          Gyro at Samad (as much to be bad, get fries and the garlic sauce, as anything)
          Falafel at Pita Palace or Olive Bistro
          Prosciutto and fress mozzarella at E 48th St Market (I get them to add basil)

          And my wife and the Chowpup were treated extra well at Woody's recently and thought the cheesesteak was great, so I have to mention them.

          There are probably more. I'll keep thinking.

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          1. re: ted

            I've had the first two, and enoyed them -- I will have to try the others. Thanks for the recommendations!

          2. cuban at palomillos in norcross
            philly cheese with pepperoni at Mad Italian
            Pulledporksandwich at Pig n Chicpn PIE