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Apr 25, 2002 01:54 PM

Suggestion for b-day dinner...

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Hello fellow CH...
I was born and bred in Montreal but moved away 6 years ago. While i visit often and know all the great Montreal staples, i am out of touch with the recent openings and such..

So my b-day is May 16th and i would like some suggestions for a nice restaurant to celebrate it in.
I want something with great food, maybe even a tasting menu! Price is no object, and i want to try something new or an oldie that got better with time.

Thanks in advance!

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    I also moved away six years ago (so weird) - now I'm in Toronto (no comment). Anyway - would you consider La Louisianne? My parents, who are kind of upscale when it comes to food - adore it. It's on Sherbrooke west. Also, they once mentionned a tiny little Italien restaurant up near the Ville Marie Metro stop and Monkland. Apparently you MUST make reservations - they only have room for something like 10 guests. They never have the same menu - but I heard the food is without comparison. If you like, I can try and get the name for you...let me know.

    Naama (the one who is getting married in Montreal)