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Apr 22, 2002 10:08 AM

Anyone familar with Kilo ?

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We visit Montreal frequently, and often stopped at Calories for desert. Unfortunately, we've found the quality to start to slip. I was discussing this with a native Montrealer, who strongly suggested we try Kilo on St. Laurent, near Fairmont. The were closed when we stopped by, so I thought maybe someone here would have some comments.

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  1. Yes i have a comment...RUN dont walk to that oh so lovely purveyor of fine desserts!!!! So many to choose from, so little stomach space available!!

    Just dont have the white hot chocolate, it will decrease your pleasure..

    Have the "bart simpson" if you like chocolate and peanut butter, have the amazing white chocolate and pear tourte....The pieces are bigger there than at Calories so be warned....

    You can also go to the Kilo in the village at 1495 Ste-Catherine Est the place is a lil hipper and a lil louder, but its fun, they have sofas!!!

    1. The other Kilo on St. Catherine St. East (gay village) is open really late, I've been there after 11 p.m. Interesting people watching.