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Mar 3, 2014 07:30 PM

Herringbone at The Mondrian

Has anyone tried the new restaurant at The Mondrian in W Hollywood? I always thought Asia De Cuba was a pretty location. Food was not consistent though.

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  1. Asia De Cuba wasn't an appropriate name.

    Herringbone suits.

    1. Had a new scallop (with guanciale and peas) dish which was too salty so they re-did it. They first explained that it was because of the guanciale that it was salty but I told them I've had guanciale before and it shouldn't make the scallops that incredibly salty. When the server brought it out the second time he informed me that the manager comped it and wanted to know my thoughts on it as it was a new dish. It was much better the second time around but the components of the dish just didn't meld well together. I also tried duck pasta (good), mussels (decent), shrimp & grits (skip this one), carne asada fries (standard but w/o the greasy creamy overloaded bomb you'd get at a mexican place = pass), the margherita and prosciutto flatbreads (decent but wouldn't order again). It's a beautiful space, both inside and outside, but all in all the food did not warrant any interest in a return visit.