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Apr 19, 2002 01:16 AM

Quebec City chowhounding

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Hi there!

First I would like to apologize if this post is considered off-topic due to this being a Montreal board. I reasoned that Montrealers might know a bit more about eating in Quebec City than the people at the General Canada Board.

Im going to Quebec City with my girlfriend next weekend, and I would love to discover some tasty restaurants to eat in. Not extremely expensive..I would go for 50$ a person max. And it can be traditional fare or contemporary, im easy...

THank you so much in advance!


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  1. Hi...Quebec is my favorite city in the world(after Montreal!!)..A few places that are good and not too hard on the pocket book are on the way....

    I would go to Cochon Dingue, its in the lower Quebec on the main drag to the East (everyone knows it so just ask) They have great food there, LOVE their mussels, fries are light, mayo is creamy. My husband had some great steak there. It's nothing fancy, but all very well done and tasty, and the ambience is great too!

    The cafe suisse on Ste-Anne street, an authentic fondue place, amazing!! upper quebec

    Aus Anciens Canadiens, a truly local experience, pure Canadian cuisine for one and upper quebec

    If you arent too hungry but want some great wine or porto and a few tapas type plates to munch on go to the Le Pape Georges, in the cul de sac street in the lower Quebec, amazing selection on sooo nice to just hang out in.

    THe best thing to do in that town is to just walk around and drop somewhere when you cant walk anymore...It is soo beautiful, and so many good places to eat too. I have so many more places, but you only have a weekend to spend there, and some of them are a bit out of the $$ range..

    But please have fun and eat well!!!