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Mar 3, 2014 03:43 PM

Vegetarian friendly in the Austin airport?

Posted this to Texas board by mistake; didn't realize you guys had your own board. Looking for something decent and veggie friendly there; I might be dreaming but its worth a try. We have a longish layover there at more or less lunchtime on Wed; looking for alternatives that don't include meat...seafood is ok. Thanks!

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  1. If I remember right In the AIrport proper
    Hills Cafe had awesome Sweet potato tamales
    Tundercloud subs has a sevral veggie options

    1. Nothing vegetarian specific but I'm sure a few of these places have vegetarian items (Schlotsky's, Mangia, Wok & Roll). Nothing upscale. They are all local restaurants who have menus online, but I doubt they serve their full menus at these airport venues.


      1. If Thundercloud has the same menu in the airport I highly recommend the nada chicken.You can get it regular or like a chicken parmesan.

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          I am not even vegetarian and I love the Nada Parmaesan

        2. if cheese is okay the mangia cheese pizza is my sort of serviceable go to at ABIA. it never hurts and keeps me going until i land.

          1. Just so you'll be prepared. ABIA is really small and the dining places are more food court type places. You order at the counter and then take it to a table. Not a sit down order from the menu place except for the "bar" which has a limited menu (mostly bbq). There is a chinese places that has a buffett with several veggie options. Hill's cafe is probably your best bet.

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              I just remembered Annie's Cafe & Bar is at the airport too. Sandwiches and lots of salads. Several vegetarian options and pretty tasty too. It's at gate 18, so not by the food court sections.

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                Yes, learned that about the dining places and the "bar." Layover turned out to be shorter than expected, but the bar was right by our gate. And there was live music playing there; that was totally an unexpected treat. DH settled for nachos. At least they were edible and had plenty of jalapenos. I had something called a barbqued brisket baja taco, a bastardization if ever there was one. The brisket was delicious, and the coleslaw (I guess that's the Baja part) was crunchy and good....but the flour tortilla was, well, a flour tortilla AND it was cold and stale to boot. The good news is that Lonestar on tap was tasty and reasonably priced. And the music was good.