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Mar 3, 2014 01:18 PM

Birthday Cocktails for a group of 8-10 on a Monday Night - Eastside/DT

I'm looking for some suggestions for a bar in Silverlake, Los Feliz or downtown for a birthday drink with a group of about 8-10. We don't need a room, but a bar with some space would be nice. Looking for a price point of around $10-$12/drink opposed to the $14. Up for something with some Kitch like Tiki Ti, but they aren't open on Mondays. I'm thinking this might be an earlier event from 7-9, but its possible it might take place on from say 10-12. Appreciate any suggestions. thanks.

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    1. re: ns1

      I checked it out and they are closed on Mondays. Finding that a fair amount of places aren't open on mondays.

    2. You could try Jay's Bar or Thirsty Crow - both on Sunset.

      Jay's is a bit more downscale in appearance but their booze and cocktails list is very impressive.

      The Thirsty Crow is more poseur-friendly, think ironic handlebar mustache, but the beverage roster - particularly when it comes to brown liquors - is probably the best in the 'hood.

        1. Las Perlas on 6th and Main does (or did?) a Monday night all-night happy hour and has no shortage of dia de los muertos kitsch.