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Apr 12, 2002 06:01 PM

Montreal for lunch

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I will be coming to Montreal in two weeks to take my son to lunch for his birthday. My first inclination is to reserve at L'Express...but we've done that so often! My other favorite places are more "dinner" places - Toque, Il Mulino. Is there any place interesting, with good food that anyone would recommend for this very special lunch?

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  1. If you can afford it, Milos. Another similar restaurant, with far better prices is Faros.Both hzave wonderful, extremely fresh food, especially fish and shellfish.
    Another really good place is Moishes.
    Murray Brown.

    1. We've had very nice lunches at Passe Partout. What kind of food does he like? If it's beef, maybe Queue de Cheval... not as formal as Moishe's (please excuse my spellings).

      1. Try L'Epicier in old Montreal (its on St-Paul street) or Rest Area (on Amherst street). Both are great.

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          Just had lunch at Chez Epicier on Friday. The food was simply outstanding. I had the best venison dish I've ever had at a reasonable price. The desserts are very clever and tasty. The decor is nice without being stuffy, however, the restaurant also includes a gourmet food shop in it's midst.