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Mar 3, 2014 12:14 PM

Diva's Kitchen (Senagalese), Hamilton NJ

Noticed this while driving by yesterday - at 5 Corners in Hamilton, in the space that was formerly a Chinese Restaurant and then a Middle Eastern Restaurant.

Anyone been yet?

Diva's Kitchen
2614 Quakerbridge Rd.
Hamilton, NJ

They only seem to have a Facebook page:

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  1. Sounds like a place I want to try!

    1. Well, we took one for the team. Without going into the gory details, I don't think this place will be around very long.

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      1. re: cranrob

        What happened? Please tell. We were considering going there this past weekend but decided not to at the last minute.

        1. re: cranrob

          Yes, please, I would like to know the details. Was planning to try it soon.

          1. re: cranrob

            I hate to bad mouth a new mom-and-pop place, so I'll say this with the hope they improve and become successful.

            In summary:

            - They were out of most everything on the menu
            - What we did get was very disappointing (e.g., "Senagalese Coconut Shrimp" turned out to be the same frozen foodservice fried coconut shrimp you would find at a chain restaurant)
            - They seem to be only able to prepare one dish at a time (the place was empty, the four of us were served one at a time, and there was a good thirty minutes from when the first of us got their meal to when the last of us did)

            Maybe some of the more interesting menu items are great, but we did not get to try them because they didn't have them.

            That said, the owner is very personable, the restaurant is very clean, and all the food seemed very fresh.

            1. re: cranrob

              Thanks for the heads-up. What day/time did you go?

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Dropped in for lunch today on a whim. Had a bit of trouble figuring out where to park. There was a small sign saying "Parking" in front with an arrow that seemed to indicate the lot by House of Meat.

              Place was practically empty aside from one pair of diners. The ordering counter was unmanned and I waited a bit before realizing there was a bell on the counter -- once I hit it, someone came out of the kitchen, seemingly the only person working there. I ordered "lamb, athieke (seemed similar to couscous), and plantains" as a carry out. A very basic but edible salad came with the order, which I ate in the restaurant while waiting for the rest. My order also came with two different onion preparations.

              In the drink fridge, in addition to commercial offerings, there were three kinds of drinks offered in unmarked plastic bottles: a ginger drink, a bissap sorrel drink, and baobab smoothie. I tried the bissap sorrel and it was very tasty and floral.

              My guess is that the best thing to do is order ahead for carry-out if you're interested in trying this. It was tasty and different and worth trying once as something new. I don't regret it, though I'm not sure I'd come back. I agree the long-term prospects of this place don't seem promising.