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Mar 3, 2014 11:23 AM

Good source for pie?

Yeah, I know, Petsi Pie. I'll do that if I have to, but because I'll be carrying several and I've got to transport them by T/on foot, I'd prefer something closer to downtown. Are there any good pie sources downtown?'


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  1. Well not sure you will find better, Petsi's has a new cafe just 4 blocks north of lechmere station, you might have to call ahead to make sure they have what you want.

    1. You may have already considered this, but Petsi's just opened up its new location in East Cambridge, which is an 8-minute walk to the Lechmere Green Line station. You'd probably need to call ahead to order the specific pies you want, because they'd need to be delivered there from the main store where the pie-baking is done.

      There's Flour Bakery in Fort Point or Back Bay, but I'm not sure they offer pies.

      1. Thanks for the Petsi locations -- I saw those but thought maybe you could only buy pies at the bakery. We shall see!

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          You may have to give them 24-48 hours for special pie orders, but they will bring them to East Cambridge for you to pick them up -- they did for me a week ago.

        2. This isn't great for the OP, but for others that may be searching for pie in the future - Verrill Farm in Concord has my favorite pies around.

          Petsi's also great though!

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            Also, not open until July again but Honeypot Orchards has my favorite apple pie. Nice firm chunks of apple and the perfect flakey pie crust.

            1. re: addiez

              If I didn't have to get 'em on my way IN to work, this would be a great choice -- maybe for pie on my way home some day :-)

              Anyway, turns out Petsi Pie will let you pick up at any of their locations, just make the order 2-3 days in advance.

              1. re: addiez

                I agree that Verril is great; excellent Pecan in particular.

                Russo's is pretty good.

                I find Petsi's prices a bit usurious... $24 for an apple pie, really.

                1. re: StriperGuy

                  I've never understood pie prices. I think some people are so intimidated by making crust that they think it is worth it. Crust is not that hard, and pie fillings even less so. I love Verrill's fruit pies and crumbles, but I am always in search of pecan pie recipes without corn syrup. Do you know if Verril's has corn syrup?

                  1. re: Madrid

                    Look for recipes using maple syrup rather than just looking for no-corn-syrup recipes. They don't turn out especially maple-y. (Which is either good or disappointing, depending on one's love of maple syrup.) I doubt any of the local bakeries do anything other than corn syrup, though, b/c that's traditional.

                    1. re: Madrid

                      Jenny Ondioline uses Lyle's (cane) syrup in place of corn syrup - you can substitute it in any pecan pie recipe you like, and it's terrific.

                2. Hadley House in Roxbury. Had best Sweet Potato and best Pecan I have ever had.