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Mar 3, 2014 11:17 AM

Panama City in April

I am going to Panama City with 8 guys in April and need a place for dinner. Any suggestions for Chinese food or local cuisine(not expensive)?

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  1. I'm going to die of curiosity (not really!) so why would you be seeking Chinese food in Panama?!?!? :)

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      There are a lot of Asians living in Panama, hence there are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Panama

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        I never knew that! Thanks. For some of the less traveled areas, I sometimes find TripAdvisor helpful. Here's a link:

        I see there's even dim sum. Cool.

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          Many Chinese laborers were brought by the French when they were building the Panama Canal and went bankrupt before the U.S. finished the project. Some workers later migrated to Belize and other C.A. countries. Corozal has a noticeable Chinese population, a surprising demographic across the river from Chetumal, MX. in southern Yucatan, but a truly lovely area.

      2. I had a very hard time finding good food anywhere in Panama even the yacht club. The best meal I found was at the big mall in Panama city (Albrook I think) was called plenos and bones or something lol basically a bbq place but did great hot bbq steaks.

        1. Panama isn't expensive in general. Look into Manolo Caracol.

          1. I enjoyed my meals at Maito, Manolo Caracol and Las Clementinas. Also make sure to stop of at Mercado de Mariscos for some ceviche.

            As far as Chinese-Panamanian food is concerned, most of what I ate was fast food chinese, but is worth trying out at least once. There is a chain named Don Lee which is half decent, but the best places are the little stands around the city with take out meals. Had some roast duck, fried rice and tostones from a place in Calidonia that was excellent.

            1. We ended up eating at the Golden Unicorn for Chinese food and it was delicious. With 8 guys, it was like going to a Chinese banquet. The owner's son speaks English. My cousin who lives in San Francisco, also Chinese, was quite impressed by our 9 course meal.

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                Try Riesen on Calle D, across from the Toscana Inn and near the casino. 22 year old chef, farm to table (rare in Panama), and very creative/well executed food.