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Mar 3, 2014 10:29 AM

Martha's Vineyard Off Season

I am planning to visit Martha's Vineyard either the last weekend of April or first weekend in May. I'm told that the "season" doesn't really begin until mid-May to Memorial Day. When I look at a lot of restaurant and shop websites, they just say open "May-October". I'm curious to know if I'll be going in the off season or not. I can't quite figure it out.

These are rec's I've gotten for food. Any other suggestions appreciated.

The Bite for fried clams and clam chowder
Larsen’s Fish Market for fish and oysters
Back Door Donuts
Offshore Ale Company for lobster roll and beer
Red Cat Kitchen at Ken’n’Beck
Grey Barn Farm for fresh milk
7A Foods for breakfast sandwich
Slice of Life for lunch, esp. fried green tomato BLT
State Road for dinner
Eileen Blake’s Pies & Otherwise

Mermaid Farm, Fiddlehead Farmstand

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  1. Apologies as I have not checked on availability offseason, but some other places I otherwise would recommend:

    Bangkok Cuisine (I think that is the name -- on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs across the street from Vineyard Vines).

    Wharf Pub in Edgartown is surprisingly good.

    Porto Pizza, Vineyard Haven.

    Skinny's Fat (Oak Bluffs and Edgartown) for sandwiches.

    Almost any of the ice cream places (Mad Martha's, Scoops, Ben&Bill's, Carousel) have good offerings.

    Net Result (Vineyard Haven).

    The outlying fancier places may be worth a shot at that time of year, though I cannot vouch for the food (Outermost Inn with its view, Lambert's Cove Inn -- looks cozy for the cooler season).

    1. We were on-island in mid December. Of the places mentioned Offshore, Red Cat, Slice of Life and State Road were open and have been year round for a time (though many places take a vacation in January). The other places must be checked individually for April as they were not open in the winter as far as I could see. Most places open around May first though the Bite has traditionally been a slow starter

      1. The off season used to mean before Memorial Day and after Labor day however these days the off season is really January thru mid-April with Columbus Day now a big wedding weekend and the Christmas Stroll attracting thousands.

        Many places have pretty fluid opening dates come spring depending on weather and staffing which is why you rarely see posted official opening dates. My friends who own a number of places often have soft openings before their usual mid May official opening date. Shops that are closed "off season" might start opening weekends as early as March if weather and traffic (and stock levels) support it.

        Here a couple year round places not mentioned that we really enjoy:

        Little House Cafe in VH is excellent. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu but the lamb burgers and falafel are outstanding

        Dock Street in Edg. is a must for breakfast. Get the "portuguee mcmuffin"

        Lucky Hanks in Edg. is a relatively new year round place. We were there in August and had a great lobster roll and BLT.

        Coop de Ville in OB usually opens in early to mid May. Very casual, on the water and has great wings and beer

        For romantic with great food and view you could try the Beach Plum Inn or the Outermost Inn but call first as I am not sure if they are open this early

        The Wharf in Edg is pretty generic sysco type food but families and college kids tend to like it.

        The Newes Pub in Edg. is great on a cold day. Nice fire place, good beer, ok to decent chowder, burgers and other pub type food.