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Apr 5, 2002 12:05 PM

With three small kids-Ben or Schwartz?

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I know these two smoked meat institutions have been discussed a fair amount on this board, but I haven't come away with a sense of a clear winner. So, here is my question: Will either one of these places be more physically comfortable with three boys aged 8, 5 ("Ben" incidentally), and a 15 month old who will need a hi-chair? Thanks very much.

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  1. As much as I think that Schwartz's is THE smoked meat place, I think Ben's would be less of a challenge. I would guess that a high-chair request at Schwartz's would be met with a bemused shake of the head; it is pretty cramped, with people nearly sitting in each other's laps at the best of times.

    Why not wait for a sunny day, grab take-out sandwiches, fries, sours, and cherry cola from Schwartz's, and have a delicious, greasy picnic on Mont Royal?


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      Thanks for responses. Don't know that we'll be in a position to "wait" for anything since we'll be among Les Habitants for approximately 24 hours. However, I think you're onto something vis a vis the picnic: Since Schwartz' seems to get the nod for quality, perhaps we can carry out en route to the Olympic Stadium, where we will bid adieu to the Expos our one full night in town.

      1. re: Elyse I.

        Apart from anything else, Schwartz's is closer to the stadium. I thought the other suggestion about Snowdon Deli was good, too; it runs a close second for me behind Schwartz's, but it's way out in the west end of the city.

        Enjoy the game!

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          I've taken my three small kids to The Main Deli on several occasions and the staff has been great. plus, their smoked meat and fries are just as good as the competitors.

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      murray brown

      I think I have a wonderful compromise! Try Snowdon Deli(AKA Delisnowden). In my opinion the smoked meat(old fashioned type) is at least as good or even better than Schwartz's. Ben's is at best a poor imitation of what smoked meat should be.
      All of the food at Snowdon Deli is fresh and well prepared. Their smoked fish are especially good. The smoked meat is slightly more expensive than Schwartz's, but well worth it. Nice family atmosphere, especially on weekends.
      Murray Brown.