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Mar 3, 2014 09:43 AM

Al Carbón, Pollo Asado, Charlottesville VA

A nice little find in a town that often seems lacking in this sort of thing. It's a small (maybe 10 tables) little Latin American pollo asado place on 29. They've got one of those charcoal rotisserie ovens imported from Peru. Chicken was great, moist and well seasoned. I enjoyed the sides as well: nice saffron rice, excellent fried yuca and plaintains, although I meant to ask if they had tostones, which I prefer if I'm eating plantains, and are good with hot sauce. Other sides looked really good-they have elotes, and they had a side called choripapas which was chorizo, french fries, and other goodies mixed together that sounded great.

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  1. These little places are showing up here as well (Richmond area).
    "Chicken Fiesta" has a couple of locations here. The rotisserie pit fills the place with smoke (no complaints from me).

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    1. I'll definitely be going here again. The chicken was excellent, and I really enjoyed the saffron rice. I liked the frijoles charros, but my boyfriend wasn't crazy about them until he mixed them with the rice. (To be fair, he's a bit of a country boy and was probably expecting something more like standard baked beans.)

      The staff was SO friendly. As soon as I got to the counter, Myriam explained the entire menu to me. When my order was ready, she gave me a cream-filled churro to try (oh my GOD) and they opened the door for me when I left.

      Next time I go, I'll try the plantains and maybe get the cemitas instead of the chicken. Very excited about this place!

      1. Saw their sign announcing their opening and got excited! I pulled into the parking lot to see the shopfront, and it looked very modest - in fact it looked closed, so I'm really glad to hear confirmation that it is in fact in operation and that it is tasty. Thanks for the link.

        I'll be giving it a try in the next week or two - it is a welcome addition to Cville, especially if the elote is any good.