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Mar 3, 2014 09:35 AM

Any "dim sum" style places for Brunch in GTA that are non-asian?

I know it is an unusual question...

I was in Montreal this past weekend and Au Peid de Cochon is now doing a dim sum style brunch. You get a little card with the prices, they come around and offer you various dishes and they mark down on there what you ordered. It definitely was a great experience and some great food. I am thinking a place would have to be consistently busy for it to work here (i.e. already have a reputation). Is there any places that do this already? Or maybe a traditional dim sum place that offers other dishes but served in a small plates format? Would be great if there was even a one off event in this style, it would be fun to go to with friends.

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  1. Off top of my head, Lebanese and Moroccan style comes closest to the "dim sum" style of service.

    Paramount on Yonge has a nice variety of manakeesh (leb pizzas) and appetizers available for brunch.

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      Tabule has lots of small dishes for sharing that could work well for brunch, The garlic tomatoes and the cauliflower are particularly delicious.

      Greek places for mezes would be another option to consider. I like both Ouzeri and Mezes for this kind of stuff.

    2. Chantecler might be up your alley :)

      1. Brunch tapas?

        I am definitely going to watch this thread for suggestions.

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          La carnitas brunch is tapas style, or was I haven't been in forever.

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            When it existed, Kultura used to do what amounted to tapas style brunch. I didn't find it worked all that well, but it was an interesting concept.

          2. That sounds really interesting! But yea I imagine the restaurant would have to be busy busy to make sure none of the food goes to waste. It's pretty much the traditional dim sum cart setup but you'd be hard pressed to find a dim sum places that doesn't serve asian food.

            If you find anything please let us know. Sounds fun! Meanwhile I can't wait to make it back to Chantecler for their lunch. There are some non asian dishes on their menu but they don't bring the dishes around to the table. I havn't been in a few months. Maybe the menu has changed since but it's fantastic and even the food writer from Globe and Mail gave it a shout out on Twitter yesterday.

            1. Patria has serves tapas for brunch. While Patria doesn't take orders with a carbon copy dim sum card, I'm sure you could order more tapas as required.