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Mar 3, 2014 08:38 AM

Boiled Crawfish in PHX??

Recently moved to PHX from Houston and looking for restaurant recs for boiled crawfish. I know there's a Pappadeaux here but they tend to be scrawny and overpriced when it comes to boiled crawfish.

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  1. There is a Hot N Juicy Crawfish in the works near University and Mill in Tempe.

    1. I have actually had some good crawfish at Pappadeauxs over the last few seasons. They usually get them sometime in March. And although the prices have gone up since they had them for 4.95 (IIRC) a pound a few years back, they are still reasonable. I only go there during crawfish season and have been happy with what they have served. This also may be because I can't find them anywhere else and am just happy to have some!

      1. Baby Kay's opened in Mesa - Dobson S of Baseline.

        Their Facebook page indicates they won't have crawfish Tues due to weather in LA. Will be doing a shrimp boil however.

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          I see they still have the Rene wings. Is this Rene's place? No more Scottsdale location? What's the story? I used to live on their gumbo. Really good stuff and authentic.

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            Afraid I don't know much of the ownership history here. Their restaurant at Town & Country shopping center in Phoenix at 20th St & Camelback lost its lease last Fall. They have plans to open up in the old Richardson's spot at 16th St & Bethany Home, but I have seen no progress on that yet. The location in Mesa is newly opened.

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              Did anybody go to mardi gras there? Please report back. Or anywhere else for that matter?

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                Update on Baby Kay's: they announced today that they will not be pursuing the 16th St & Bethany Home location via their Facebook page. "Lots of complications" and "red flags".

          2. If you don't like Pappadeaux for crawfish, then as far as I know, you may be out of luck. I saw others mentioned the Baby Kay's as an option. We went there years ago and left somewhat unimpressed. As a transplanted Texan, I have learned not to expect much from these food groups here in the Valley of the Sun: barbecue, seafood and Mexican. If you are craving true bayou goodies, might I suggest you order online from Cajun Grocer and host your own crawfish boil? That's what we did a few years ago when we were craving an authentic experience and our friends still talk about it. Be sure to order lots of boudin and Natchitoches Meat Pies/Crawfish Pies too. Reasonable prices on the food items, but you will pay a premium for shipping. Well worth it in our opinion.