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Mar 3, 2014 08:26 AM

Peanut free bakeries/restaurants in Montreal?

My daughter (10) has a peanut allergy and will be competing at the Gymnix gymnastics competition this week. Does anyone know of any peanut-free bakeries in Montreal? She will be staying at Hotel Berri (1199, rue Berri) Any other suggestions for spots for the peanut -allergic 10 year old would be welcome


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  1. It's a little far from where you'll be staying but Cho'cola on Monkland (Villa Maria metro) is totally peanut free.

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      They also have a branch on Laurier in Outremont.

    2. There's also Mi & Stu, not super close to where you're staying as well:

      1. Thank-you so much! If anyone also has info on peanut-free products available in Montreal, that would be welcome too.