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Mar 3, 2014 07:04 AM

almond flour cake recipe

With Passover around the corner, I am looking for desserts that use almond flour. Lately, I've been obsessed with finding a good almond flour apple cake recipe, but thus far, have not hit on one. I do not like desserts made with matzoh or matzoh meal and would rather just have some fruit for dessert than eat anything made with matzoh. If you have a tried and true almond flour (not almond meal) cake (preferably apple) recipe, please share. I also don't eat chocolate - which I love - but doesn't love me. Thanks!

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  1. I'm also thinking almond flour for Pesach. I've been thinking about an apple (or pear, or cherry) frangipane tarte in an almond crust. I haven't tried out such a recipe yet, but if you google gluten-free you will find some.

    Gluten free recipes are a great Pesach resource (although some ingredients are kitniot and others may be unavailable under Pesach supervision)

    I have also speculated about a crustless tarte tatin.

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        Haven't tried this one, but it looks really good. Thanks for passing it along!

      2. How easy is it to find K for P almond flour? Or is just ground up almonds?

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          Almond flour is just very finely ground almonds. You can find ground almonds for Pesach, but they are not ground as finely as what is sold as almond flour. I suppose you can try to grind it up a bit more or just start with whole almonds and grind it totally yourself.

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            This looks awesome, but I can't eat chocolate. Bummer! Thanks for chiming in. I know some one who would LOVE this recipe.

          2. If you can find a good plain almond cake recipe, instead of putting apples inside the cake, maybe poach some apple slices & serve on top of the cake? I had this served as a dessert and it was great - the poached apples were a perfect complement to the cake, and the poaching liquid kind of soaks into the cake making it super apple-y and moist.

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              Great idea, thanks for sharing that. I would need a plain almond flour cake recipe that doesn't require folding egg whites into a stiff batter. I did that twice last Passover and developed sore wrists which took forever to heal. I'm sure there is a good, easy recipe out there, just haven't found it yet.

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                Electric hand-held beaters are not that expensive; maybe it's worth it, as most Pesach cakes do require the beating of egg whites separately. There's no other way to leaven the cake, essentially.

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                  I have one of those, as well as a stand mixer, but they don't work well for the recipe I've used. The batter is extremely thick and hard to work with until all the egg whites are folded in, then the batter lightens up. A real project! Time for a new recipe Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your trying to help me.