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OK - Crawfish!

A check at Fiesta yesterday revealed that there are no live crawfish at this time. I know its early, but I'm anxious to try out my knew boil and I'd like smaller crawfish for that. Let's report here any first sightings.

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  1. I know Stuffed was doing a crawfish boil last weekend.

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      ****** Since this thread is almost entirely related to restaurants and technical info, I've started another Crawfish thread that relates strictly to Live Crawfish for home consumption. Please post that there and restaurants here. I cannot edit my original post************
      amy - my reply to you was just to get this message as high as possible.

      If a mod sees this, please place a note in my original post, or just make something up real quick and put your own words in there.

    2. I heard on the (Houston) news this weekend that it's been so cold that the supply is pretty low. The news also said they are currently averaging about $8/lb. Yikes. Hope the prices go down before our annual crawfish boil in April.

      I wonder what they charged last weekend at Stuffed. Can't imagine there would be many takers for that price.

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        the emailed newsletter mentioned the wacky weather was affecting our tasty friends.

        i think they were in that price range.

      2. has anyone here been to N'awlins cafe on spicewood springs?

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            Does that mean they do have live crawfish? How much $?

            1. re: rudeboy

              yes they do- I dont know how much per pound because i wasnt paying... he isnt selling live sacks right know because he was pulling about30% dead and he can control that when he boils himself so untill he is getting beter stock in . They start boiling at noon.

              1. re: girloftheworld

                Oh, so they have a boil, too, plus sell "live" crawfish?

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                  yes ... they also rent the equipment if you want to do it yourself..

          2. As a Connecticut Yankee who invested 9 years in Texas, didn't we call them crawdads?

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              Maybe in north Texas. I've heard this in the panhandle and in the Texarkana area. For some reason, people are more apt to use the word crawdad when the things are just crawling around in some drainage ditch. Anywhere from SE texas to Austin, at least, they're crawfish. Unless you are sqwertz, and then they are crayfish ;-)

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                Crawdaddies for me, but family is from LA.

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                  Los Angeles? That figures. Where in Louisiana? Shreveport?

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                    I'm stopping by Stuffed today for lunch. I'll see what I can find out.

                    Los Angeles?! Nope. Never even visited. LA as in Louisiana.

                    My grandmother and mom are from New Orleans Proper, the rest of the family is mostly from Baton Rouge, Shreveport and Metairie. Aunt's house was washed to the foundation when the levee broke.

                    We used to love to play dress-up in mom's Mardi Gras ball outfits.

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                  They were referred to as crawdads in southern indiana.

              2. Here's the latest from Stuffed:

                Live Crawfish Update
                Things have not improved. The price actually went up this week and the quality is still mediocre. We will not be selling live crawfish this weekend. I hope to have better news soon.

                Fresh Rainbow Trout
                We can do many things with Mr. Trout... Fried, Blackened, over rice with shrimp etouffee or on a Po'Boy. We should have enough to last through tomorrow.

                We will also be boiling crawfish on Friday & Saturday. $8.99/lb

                The Rainbow Trout & Crawfish will be served at both locations.

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                    On a semi-related note, has anyone done a study on how much meat you get from a .lb of crawfish?
                    At 8.99/lb i'd bet that makes it more expensive than lobster, because i'd bet that you'd get only 1/4 lb or so of tail meat. I don't count the head fat, because I only suck that out of about 1 in 4, depending on size.

                    1. re: TroyTempest

                      This looks like a credible source full of infromaton:


                      In it, you can find this quote:
                      Based on a yield of 15 percent meat, 6-7 pounds of
                      live crawfish will provide 1 pound of peeled tails"

                      In this chatroom, someone claims to have processed 30 bags of crawfish and calculated 11%, so it is based on actual data (plus, believing the poster and trusting his measurements):


                      Other people claim all sorts of ratios up to 30! I remember in Orange when I was a teen we could get crawfish for 39 cents a pound. I've had lobster a number of times, and often the meat is tougher and not as tasty as crawfish. But that could have resulted from it being ill-prepared, as it often is.

                      1. re: rudeboy

                        That's good info, and even less meat per pound than i would have guessed.

                  2. just saw crawfish for my first time ever in a store up here in canada. head on dead going for 19.99 a pound

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                      The must be already cooked then? Seems like a super high price. Last year (out of live crawfish season, we could get small ones for $3.99 per pound. Inferior to what you can do at home, they would at least somewhat cure the out of season craving.......

                      1. re: rudeboy

                        yup they were cooked and thawed! and still 19.99 a pound, looked at them again tonight. I don't want to know how they taste that bad!

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                          Oh, I'm not saying that they taste bad at all....maybe my use of the word inferior implied that. They definitely satisfy those summertime urges, when sometimes I just eat them cold. As the seafood guy if they will go on sale or other questions to see if the price will decrease. Or, you could just buy a pound and go for it.....

                          If you have an asian market, you can often find them frozen unshelled in the freezer section.

                          1. re: rudeboy

                            oh no not what I meant at all. I just meant I don't want to know how they taste enough to spend the 20bux a pound on them.

                            I was just wondering if they are fresh or saltwater.
                            We have something called crayfish that live in a few lakes around here. I just looked up and they are the same thing!

                            I heard you can catch them by digging a can of cat food in a shallow pit up from the shore. At night they will crawl out of the lake and in. I have never heard of anyone actually eating them tho.

                            I doubt they are the same your your 'crawfish' which they seem to catch in abundance.

                            1. re: daislander

                              Most of our crawfish, well all, are likely from farms now. When I was little, we'd go "crawfishin" in a little John-boat. You'd set out about 40 nets that consisted of a square, flat-bottomed net with pyramid-shaped wires - we would use chicken necks or something tied to the center of the net. Keep going around those 40 nets all day pulling them up from fresh or maybe slightly brackish water. Rice fields are used alot now. I bet you could eat those live ones up there as long as the water is not contaminated. But, I would imagine, that if you bought the boat, all the nets, coolers, and beer, you have to catch a few to beat $20 per pound!

                              Here's what the nets look like:


                              And here's a good NYT article that I found while writing this. Explains the rice farms and crawfishin:


                              1. re: rudeboy

                                Interesting! I have a little boat or even a kayak would work great! I could make that trap no prob. The lake I've seen them in is very clean!

                                I got a bigger boat last year and this year I'm set on catching prawns. We (canada) ship ours all to japan so prices are sky high here for them.

                                Do crawfish taste more like a shrimp? or crabby?lobstery?

                                1. re: daislander

                                  I would say that they taste like a decadent, tender lobster. A lot more peeling and getting dirty for the diner, but it is worth it. I like to dip them after they are cooked and peeled in a little cocktail sauce and then drawn butter.

                                  I would imagine that you have some shallow waters (1 meter at most maybe?) where you could work the traps? My dad and I used to shrimp, too, and we were working 20+ feet of water.

                                  1. re: rudeboy

                                    That lake does have a lot of shallows. but also some deep 80ft places I think. I will check my book which shows me depths and contures. You can see the crayfish camoing in the rocks near the shore. its very craggy.I wonder what they eat tho, not rice! I guess maybe fish.. but that not a great fishing lake...

                                    1. re: daislander

                                      i one time brought home some i caught on a string with a paper clip and pieces of my sandwich at creek ... and my mom helped me cook them as "lobster" lunch for me and my dolls

                    2. Best fresh crawfish in Austin is at Pacific Star near 183 and Anderson Mill. Great folks, great food :-)

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                        I went Friday, and got a half dozen fried oysters and a half dozen on the half shell. That's all i ever have there. They do a good job with the fried oysters, not overcooked at all.

                        1. re: TroyTempest

                          Pac Star used to be a lunch place for me, but I don't work up there any more. Guilty pleasure for me: I liked their gumbo for some reason. Not sure if its still the same, but it had a very light roux, was rather soupy, and had a bunch of finely chopped vegetables. Others in my crew absolutely did not like it....I make a rather dark roux myself, but I think it must remind me of someone's gumbo that I often had as a child. Avenger, if you happen to know the recipe, please post it. Also, if you happen to know: do they have crawfish, how do they taste, and how much?

                          1. re: rudeboy

                            When i was there i asked, and they said they were 8.99/lb for boiled, which seems to be the going rate. The guy next to me at the bar said he had some recently and he liked them, but you know, I don't know him, so...

                            1. re: TroyTempest

                              The one time I had crawfish there, they were large and the flavor was really good. I seem to remember a good boil setup in the back. Vague memory of the price being about $8 per pound.

                              I do miss the days of $2.99 per pound and $2 lone star at Alligator Grill. I think two or three years in a row circa 2005 timeframe. My wife and I would order 6-7 pounds and get outta there for under 30. That was a good boil, too. I think they had different people doing the boil because I never really liked most of the menu items.

                              1. re: rudeboy

                                FWIW, the guy that worked there said that the crawfish are little this year, everywhere.

                      2. Has anyone bought and cooked crawfish yet? If so, where did you get them, how much per pound and how were the crawfish?

                        We have our annual crawfish boil in three weeks. If the weather doesn't warm up it looks like we'll be serving lots of apps first, followed up by a bunch of super small crawfish.

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                        1. re: Sweet_Cheeks

                          Yeah, I think that's where we're at, unfortunately. However, I don't mind the small ones myself.....I don't even think about peeling them (softer shells), and the flavor is better. At the end of the season, when they are sometimes huge, the shells are much harder and, while you get much more meat, the flavor of the boil doesn't come through as much and they aren't spicy enough. But I'll take them either way.

                          Anyhow, I'll cross my fingers for you to at least have the small crawfish by then!

                        2. There's some thing going on today at the Austin American Statesman. For a twenty dollar entrance fee, you get a pound of crawfish per plate, until they run out. I need some crawfish - please tell me to follow my instincts and not go to this shindig! Also. since I have kids, I'm not sure if they will be charged or now.


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                          1. re: rudeboy

                            Nah. Just go to Nate's in Addison. But be careful, their 'nuclear' are too spicy for my taste. Their regular has plenty.
                            Edit: sorry, wrong town!

                            1. re: Veggo

                              Might be cheaper to go to Addison, Veggo. Camping trip. Where is that?

                                1. re: Veggo

                                  Rudeboy, don't do it. Twenty bucks a pound, they better also have buckets of wine and beer. Houston HEB and Fiesta both advertise on TV, 2.49 and 1.99 a pound respectively. If they're down here, you should have them up there, but Houston is a huge crawfish market, all the hipsters crave them and many of the numerous Vietnamese places do their spin on them.

                                  1. re: James Cristinian

                                    Thanks! We decided not to go. There are bands and other entertainment,but I didn't want to fork over eighty bucks just to walk in the door.

                          2. Allright, Fiesta's ad is below. $1.89 for medium crawfish for a whole sack. $2.29 per lb loose. Medium is the best. Time to step up to the plate!