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brunch/saturday lunch with mother in law, mom and teenage daughter

Looking for a nice place for either brunch or lunch. Mother in law is more the 5th Ave type. Décor ranks higher than food for her. Mom is funky-more downtown than uptown lady. Daughter-will find something to eat but no seafood. I am open to anything but have to consider my companions for this trip. We will be down in Soho for a hair appt. and the less walking for the mothers would be great. Not opposed to taking the subway. Also the mothers are hard of hearing so a place that isn't too loud would be good. I know that is a lot of special requests but I know you chow hounders can help me out.
Thank you.

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  1. Maialino is excellent. You'll probably need a reservation.

      1. I think David Burke Kitchen should make everyone happy..

        1. I think Lafayette is one of the best looking restaurants I have seen in a while, I have not been crazy about my food there, but Im picky, and in the minority I think. Around the corner there is Il Buco A/V.

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            +1 for lafayette, they do a good brunch.

            Also consider pearl and ash, walkable from soho and feels chic yet "hip", takes reservations

            There have been mixed reviews on the savory food at the new Laudree in soho but that's another posh yet hot right now spot.

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              Pearl & Ash doesn't do lunch. It is also quite loud and the seating may not be that comfortable for Mom.

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                They do have a brunch menu.... I didn't think about the seating.

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                  Where did you find the brunch menu? Their web site and their OpenTable indicate they are open from 5:30 to midnight daily, no lunch service.

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                      Yeah, that looks old to me. February 2013?

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              Love Balthazar but it's a bit loud.

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                Oops. Missed this suggestion so I repeated. I would say at lunch/brunch its much quieter than at dinner.

            2. Check out The Lion. My boyfriend took me for Vday and it's beyond beautiful. I think the interior would really please both moms and daughter will like the menu since it's pretty straight forward I'm a sucker for scenery and gorgeous interior design, food be damned.

              1. Well if you're in Soho, try Balthazar. My mom likes it.

                1. How about Osteria Morini? I went for brunch and liked it - we were on the early side so noise was not an issue.

                  1. The Smile, Cafe Gitane, Five Points, the new Sant Ambroeus in Soho (can't speak to the food, but the location is right), Maison Laduree, and I'll second/third Lafayette.

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                      Five points is a good idea.

                      Cafe gitane will have a crazy wait time, and there may be too many hipsters per sq foot for uptown mom to handle....

                    2. Thanks for all the replies. I know you New Yorkers would come through!!! I was kind of thinking of Five Points myself. In a couple of weeks I will let you know where we went and how it went over with the family. In the meantime keep the ideas coming.

                      1. Ended up going with Five Points. So glad we had a reservation. Everyone enjoyed the food especially the lemon ricotta pancakes. It was quite loud for the old ladies but they managed. Thanks everyone.