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Mar 3, 2014 06:35 AM

Hill Country - Brooklyn

So we finally made it to the new Hill Country outpost. The space is really spectacular. Double height with a mezzanine. Cool industrial chic space.

Menu is the same as the original Hill Country and so is the ordering. You go into the line and order by weight/size and they put stickers on your menu card.

We had brisket (lean and moist), pork ribs and sausage. I keep wanting the sausage to be better but its the same boring stuff as in the city and was the least interesting item. Ribs were ok. Nothing I would really seek out. Brisket is much better choice and the moist is the way to go. Fatty, unctuous and oh so bad for you but you can't stop eating it. Next time I'm just getting that for the table.

Sides are ok. Desserts are skippable. But man that brisket!

Unlike the original spot, reservation were easy to get. I don't know how long that will remain true, but get there while you can before the line forms up and get that brisket.

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  1. Just had a lunch at the Manhattan Hill Country BBQ and agree with your assessment that the moist brisket is something very special. Also did enjoy their jalapeño cheddar sausage which was equally moist and moderately smoked. Watching a neighboring customer he seemed to struggle with his ribs that were not quite yielding to his bite. We found the corn pudding side the best of the ones we sampled.

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      The sausages come straight from Kreuz market.

    2. I enjoyed Hill Country too, but I think it's overpriced. I happened to have a $20 Open Table check the night I went. Otherwise I would have resented paying that much for that little food and limited table service.

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        I concur that the quality is pretty high (especially the brisket, and interestingly the chicken) but the value isnt there - for 10% less money Mighty Quinn's puts out a better product, imo. I like the fact that they have a full bar, and generally more seating that MQs, but the pricing is pretty silly. We were there a week or two ago and got the "pitmaster special" which, for 27 bucks (plus 2 dollar upcharge for the moist brisket) includes: 1/4 chicken, 1/4 lb brisket, 1 sausage link, and 1 rib, plus two small sides. for that kind of money they could really trim the excess fat on the moist brisket.

        the guy next to us got a SINGULAR slice of moist brisket (approx 6-7 inches long, the width of of a brisket) which, once it was on the scale, the meat-cutter informed him would be $8.75. i think they put out some of the best brisket in nyc, but the pricing doesnt make much sense to me at all.