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Mar 3, 2014 06:16 AM

Any place in Queens to get pink (curing) salt?

I imagine a place like Euro Market and others might have it, but since I've never looked for it I wondered if anybody knows for certain. Thanks!

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  1. i think you can buy it at the meat hook in williamsburg. otherwise, i've not seen it for sale in queens. best best is to order it from butcher and packer, online suppliers of all things meaty and sausagey. their prices are more than fair and a pound will cost you very little and probably last you a lifetime.

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      I've ordered it from Amazon as well.

      1. re: yussdov

        I was hoping I could find it, but no luck, so it'll have to be online (or Kalustyan's).

      2. eBay has some great deals also.